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2005.02.01 11:12
Epic 2014/Googlezon
"In the future, everything will be an advertisement."

2005.02.04 11:46
September 3, 1967 = January 30, 2005
And now I wonder what the Iraqi War Memorial in Washington DC is going to look like. Maybe an exact mirror of the Vietnam War Memorial on the other side of the Mall?
Has anyone ever said "One good reenactment deserves another" before now?

2005.03.06 13:41
In The Future Everyone Will Have...
We know what happened when the 'plane of the present' sliced through the navel--mp/11/1086.htm, so which future are we talking about here? Are you wondering about when the present slices through--mp/11/1088.htm the duodenum? or the liver? or the crest of the diaphragm? Or perhaps you are wondering about when the present slices through the heart and the lungs? Or are you wondering about the big age of cutting-off-point as the present slices through the neck? What will humanity be when the present slices through the head?

2005.05.04 13:29
John Hejduk is definitely among my favorite architects. I met him once in Philadelphia, and got to take care of his slides before a lecture he gave in 1979--the sneak preview of his latest work then was indeed thrilling. I see Hejduk's work (of the late 1960s/early 1970s) as a distinct creative extension of Le Corbusier's late work, specifically the Carpenter Center at Harvard, the Palais des Congrès at Strasbourg (unexecuted), and the Governor's Palace at Chandigarh (unexecuted). (Not until last night did) I see The Berlin Masque as a design related to Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius, and, perhaps it is Hejduk's architecture of Adjusting Foundations that fulfills Venturi's prediction (from the early 1980s within an issue of Casa Vogue, I think) that there will be patterns all over architecture in the near future.

2005.05.19 12:24
why don't architects know how to work the media?
Rem and Zaha already have their brand.
Why don't more architects have their own brand?
That's what I see as the real issue of this thread.

2005.05.19 15:36
why don't architects know how to work the media?
Maybe some of the problem stems from the (educated?) notion that architecture is some sort of homogeneous product (like milk or beef), where, in reality, architecture is extremely diverse in its many manifestations. Maybe what the public really needs is to see how many architectures are really available to them.

2005.08.06 12:21
Dubai: the city of the 21st century!
I heard the Vatican is thinking about buying all the Dubai island reenactments and then build churches on them. It's the only way that they can think of to make the Middle East more Catholic again.

2005.08.23 16:30
AMO asks for your response
Can you say why publicity cannot be a foundation of architecture?

2005.09.09 12:08
AMO asks for your response
NOLA, the new Low Country, the new Nether Lands?
AMO as Dutch Treat?
SuperNOLA is next?
Yes, but what if the earth's water level will rise due to the greenhouse effect? What is the real future of the low countries?

2005.09.09 12:23
Hadrian was born in Spain
Interestingly, Giulio Carlo Argan was Mayor of Rome in the late 1970s. He was co-author of Michelangelo Architecto, and (I believe) instrumental in manifesting the project/exhibit Roma Interrotta.
Maybe Roma Interrotta is really just still going on.

2005.09.13 12:27
"design" vs. "styling"
It's probably true that fashion has always been more about style than design. The design of most clothes really hasn't changed all that much over the last century or so, but the style certainly has. Style is basically ephemeral.
Design gets bad when it also becomes ephemeral because that mostly also means that the real underlying design is then planned obsolescence.

2005.09.13 13:16
"design" vs. "styling"
ephemeral (adj)
1. Lasting for a markedly brief time.
2. Living or lasting only for a day, as certain plants or insects do.
ephemeral (noun)
1. A markedly short-lived thing

2005.09.13 13:34
"design" vs. "styling"
It is not that something ephemeral cannot also be design, it is more that "Design gets bad when it also becomes ephemeral because that mostly also means that the real underlying design is then planned obsolescence."
The main reason I see ephemeral designs as not good designs is because the ephemeral things don't just disappear, but become trash. What is most commercial packaging, for example, if not ultimately highly designed trash. Plus that pavilion thingy recently/currently(?) at PS1--it didn't take very long at all for that to get trashy.

2005.09.13 13:39
"design" vs. "styling"
The muddy water clears up real quick for me as soon as I add 'ephemerality' to the mix.
It even helps in these muddy waters.

2005.09.13 17:05
"design" vs. "styling"
I'm more interested in the self evidence of it all. For example, I like the design of MVRDV's Dutch Pavilion, especially as presented in drawings and within the continuum of their oeuvre. I didn't so much like the Pavilion as built (at least from the images I've seen). And now there is no denying that the Dutch Pavilion is leftover trash, architecture that might be saved or that might be demolished. Overall (so far), the good reality of the design is outweighed by the bad reality of the design.
Is the Dutch Pavilion also stylized? It seems to be so in that a lot of it was also high-maintenance.
Will the design of the Dutch Pavilion ever be a true paradigm for future architecture? I'll say definitely maybe.

2005.09.15 13:52
Mat buildings
Given that mat buildings have a strong precedent with Le Corbusier's design for a hospital of Venice, the notion of using similar mat buildings as part of the solution to New Orlean's architectural future isn't all that off the mark.

2005.11.14 09:11
favorite book on Arch[itecture]
Le Corbusier 1957-1965
Volume 7 of the Oeuvre Complète
Virtually all the architecture in this book proved to be well ahead of it's time.

2006.02.19 14:42
Iconography, or the problem of representation
Bad Hair Day Architecture

Yeah, reality bites.

Venus Fly Trap Architecture

Gosh, reality really bites.
These are just two examples of how Quondam can help your architecture in today's chaotic world. Do you have ultra-original architecture that no one can easily understand? Then don't worry! Quondam can look at your project and within minutes provide you with the right visual formula to present your great design to the world.

2006.02.19 18:46
Iconography, or the problem of representation
The images are jpg files depicting CAD 3d surfaces from an arbitrary viewpoint.
You are meant to be seeing CAD 3d surfaces from an arbitrary viewpoint.
Bad Hair Day Architecture is derived via a CAD program that generates a surface between any two provided lines.
Venus Fly Trap Architecture is derived via the ARRIS CAD area rotate surface generator command.
The organizational strategy here is one of unabashed arbitrariness.



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