22 October

1675 Jules Hardouin-Mansart was appointed architecte du roi
1685 Revocation of the Edict of Nantes

1825 birth of Freidrich Freiherr von Schmidt
1870 death of Franz Schulz

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Re: AR:Evo Model (brown 2)
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Re: the venturi influence
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Re: The McMansion Next Door
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Interesting ADA / Universal Design / Accessibility solutions
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Poetry and Architecture?
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architectural otherness
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Architectural Axiom/Statement Re-Writes
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OMA   Made in Pleyel   Paris

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Re: AR:Evo Model (brown 2)
Is the more aesthetic problem, perhaps, the ongoing (generational?) process of institutionalize evasion itself? And hasn't the 20th century already well proven that humanity's artists now overwhelming treats art via what it COULD be rather than what it SHOULD be? And just maybe the biggest problem for architecture (and architectural aesthetics) today is its struggle making the methodological/critical shift for what should be architecture to what could be architecture.

02102201 Gallery B model perspectives   2277i01   b

15102201   Mies van der Hejduk Quondam House model Vitruvius Britannicus garden image   2450i03   b
15102202   Pantheon Paradigm DTM Philadelphia Apraksin Neighborhood IQ plans   3392ui48

17102201   OMA   Made in Pleyel   Paris

18102201 Le Corbusier architecture elevations sections   2140i24

19102201 House 10: Museum Maison Louis Carré Richards Medical Research Building Leicester University Engineering Building Vanna Venturi House Salk Institute for Biological Studies Erdman Hall Museum of Knowledge Tower of Shadows Fisher House Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts plan comparisons   2197i21




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