14 November

1481 Papal Bull confides Giovannino Dolci to the reconstruction of the citadel of Cività Vecchia

1834 death of Jean Antoine Alavoine

Ferko Playground Building     1965 3998p

Bye House Distorted   5900f
Ludi Museum   5900g

Re: sketching
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Re: Louis Kahn's son
2001.11.14 12:27     4017o

stone house

Architecture Now! vol.2
2003.11.14 22:36     3148 3730g 3749f 3899m

favorite book on Arch[itecture]
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Wildwood Daze

I'm apologizing in advance.
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Rafael Viñoly on a Sunday
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2011.11.14 13:04     3331f
2011.11.14 20:00     3331f

Ichnographia Quondam

OMA   Casa da Musica   Porto

Herzog & de Meuron   New Concert Hall   Munich

001114a Bye House Distorted model perspectives   2327i01   b   c
001114b Ichnographia Campus Martius plans   2110i46
001114c ludi001   2328i01
001114d ludi002   2329i01

2001.11.14 11:23
Re: sketching
I've often wanted to make an issue of the fact that Quondam has an infinite collection precisely because almost all of it is in digital form. Any image and any cad database in the collection holds the potential to propagate any number of new images and databases. Moreover, each 3D CAD database holds the potential to generate any number of perspectives, axonometrics, and color/shaded renderings.

2001.11.14 12:27
Re: Louis Kahn's son
Joseph Burton, "Notes from Volume Zero: Louis Kahn and the Language of God" in Perspecta 20 (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1983).
I remember this being an interesting article with regard to Kahn, design, spirituality, and religion.

2003.11.14 22:36
Architecture Now! vol.2
I'm presently working on several volumes of Architecture Not Now!

2005.11.14 09:11
favorite book on Arch[itecture]
Le Corbusier 1957-1965
Volume 7 of the Oeuvre Complète
Virtually all the architecture in this book proved to be well ahead of it's time.

Wildwood Daze

2010.11.14 18:00
All architecture is artificial, even to the point where you can say that architecture is the most artificial thing on this planet. And if architecture is to be truthful, it can really only be truthful to its artificiality. Moreover, it is that architecture that most pushes its artificiality to the extreme/edge that becomes the best architecture.
I'm speaking here mostly of real architecture, designs that are built. Virtual architecture (designs that could be built but aren't) and post-real virtual architecture (architecture that was built but no longer exists) express their truthfulness in other ways.

12111401 Working Title Museum 003 floor/ceiling plans   2325i06   b   c   d   e   f   g

16111401 Analusian Houses walls opaque   2451i06

17111401   OMA   Casa da Musica   Porto
17111402   Herzog & De Meuron   New Concert Hall   Munich

19111401 iqq27 solid/void blocks working data   2468i86
19111402 iqq27 plan development   2468i87

21111401   Museum of Architecture Venice model work   2245i31




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