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1105 contract regarding the Cathedral of Pisa

1890 birth of C. Paul Jennewein

Re: def: AutoCAD Architecture
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aesthetics? (etc.)
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Re: signing of buildings
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theatrics times two
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so much for Liberty...
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Consumerism and Monumentality
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Re: “New” Helens
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Let's talk about a building
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1998.12.02 11:20
Re: def: AutoCAD Architecture
With regard to "flatness", take a look at Louis Kahn's first independent building commission - Ahavath Israel Synagogue, Philadelphia, 1935. My point being that "flatness" is an architectural aesthetic with a long history and very much independent of CAD. There are also some Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates buildings that absolutley revel in their flatness, e.g., any of the 1980s and 1990s university laboratory buildings. I also suggest you read you read Tom Wolfe's The Painted Word, within which you will find an analysis of the flatness of 1960s POP art.

1998.12.02 20:54
Re: def: AutoCAD Architecture
I am a big fan of Le Corbusier's late work, especially the unbuilt projects. Although he hasn't stated as much (as far as I know), Koolhaas is very much inspired by Le Corbusier's late work, in particular the Palais des Congrès, 1964.

Re: signing of buildings
I was just on the phone with T., an architect friend of mine that recently visited www.quondam.com, and he liked "the architect's wife style." He actually knew the movie Two for the Road fairly well, although he admitted never having talked with any architects about it. He said his favorite part of the movie was when Mark (the young architect) is taking a picture of the cathedral and says "I can't believe how someone could build something so amazing without slapping their name all over it."
Later on in the conversation T. told me some more about he and his wife's recent visit to Spain, specifically about an artwork on part of the facade of Richard Meier's museum in Barcelona, the image is a gigantic Universal Bar Code. I said that must have been great to see, especially since Meier's buildings are so antithetical to ornamental additions. Of course a UBC on a Meier building fits perfectly because Meier's buildings are nothing if not completely 'packaged'.

Anthony D'Aulerio

2003.12.02 17:21
so much for Liberty...
Although the quondam Liberty Bell Pavilion of Independence Historic National Park (Philadelphia) is officially for sale, the Park Service has nonetheless found a new (interim?) use for the building. It is now the security checkpoint for visitors to the Liberty Bell that is in the adjacent new Liberty Bell building. Today, while looking inside the former Liberty Bell Pavilion, I saw a man with outstretched arms being "checked" by a Park Ranger with a hand-held scanner right in front of where the Liberty Bell used to be with Independence Hall clearly in the background. Like they say, "Only in America."

2005.12.02 11:35
Consumerism and Monumentality
I agree that there is a kind of hegemony operating within architecture today (and definitely since the Modern Movement/International Style), but architecture wasn't always that way. Most of architectures' histories are like languages' histories in that they were all tied/related to specific places on the planet and reflected the culture of those places.
Reflecting on what presently constitutes architectural "history," perhaps architecture is now a world trade commodity more than anything else.
Is the next big thing to mix up the fashion brands? Wear your Foster pants with Woods belt over Eisenman panties?

2012.12.02 20:12
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as per usual, over-wrought stylization

specimen of the museum re-collection

13120202 IQ02 composite plan data   2175i19
13120205 IQ05 composite plan data   2170i40   b   c
13120206 IQ06 composite plan data   2080i19

14120201 Villa Rotunda GAUA plans 22002 context   2080i38
14120202 Villa Rotunda @ Kahn's grave plans 22002 context   2080i39
14120203 TJCC Bathhouse @ Kahn's grave plans 22002 context   217bi05
14120204 Villa Rotunda @ TJCC Bathhouse plans 22002 context   2080i40
14120205 TJCC and Bathhouse plans 22002 context   217bi06
14120206 half Villa Rotunda half TJCC Bathhouse plans 22002 context   2080i41
14120207 Villa Rotunda @ Pruitt-Igoe Housing plans 22002 context   2080i42
14120208 New Sweden Outpost Pemipacka plans 22002 context   2090i33

16120201 Campo Rovine wall extrusions IQ63s04 3392vi09   b
16120202 GAUA 101 schematic models   2457i01

18120105 GAUA13 Basilica of Sts. Peter and Marcellinus Mausoleum of Helena Pavillon Suisse Maisons Jaoul House 15 House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 005 Nunnery Ludi Museum Wave Wall House 2 plans placed unedited   2429i321
18120201 GAUA14 Basilica Sessorianum Maison de Verre Governor's Palace Seagram Building Museum of Knowledge St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert Palais des Congrès Parliament Building of West Pakistan Dominican Motherhouse House in Old Westbury Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Breslauer Platz House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 006 Wacko House 002 Flick House I Casa Unbekannt 001 plans placed unedited   2429i322
18120202 GAUA15 Basilica of St. Agnes Mausoleum of Constantina Gericke House William A. M. Burden House Palais des Congrès House III Museum of Architecture Maison à Bordeaux Palace of Knowledge Palais Savoye plans placed unedited   2429i323
18120203 GAUA16 Sts. Sergius and Bacchus Casa del Fascio Villa Shodhan Gallaratese Housing Block Menil Collection Jubilee Church Ludi for Schinkel Villa Appositional plans placed unedited   2429i324

18120201   Herzog & de Meuron   M+ museum   Hong Kong
18120202   ALA Architects   Oodi Central Library   Helsinki

19120201 Fragmented Architectural History Department   axonometric -65,,180   2485i07

20120201   Unité d'Habitation plan roof plan elevation   217qi06
20120202   Notre Dame du Haut plan site plan elevation   217ui11
20120203   Maison Curutchet plan working section   217ni08



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