3 December

1730 Jean Charles Garnier d'Isle succeeded Desgots as dessinateur des plantes et parterres des jardins du roi

1830 birth of Frederick Leighton
1868 death of Paul Abadie, the Elder

Re: CAD-CAM for a Higher and Better Use
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so much for liberty...
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Re: Big Boxing
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Guess Who
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where is the good new architecture?
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pragmatists turning political?
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3 December
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architectural otherness
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Futurist / Brutalist
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López-Toribio   Un jardín de paisajes   Granada

OMA   Green Square Aquatic Center & Gunyama Park   Sydney

2003.12.03 17:36
so much for liberty...
The point of this thread is... ...the ironic symbolism currently manifest by the architecture at Independence Historic National Park.
Security checkpoints at IHNP are a post-911 phenomenon, and, as far as their 'design" there goes, they are makeshift and poorly executed. Using the former Liberty Bell Pavilion now also as a checkpoint adds symbolic absurdity to the mix.
Granted this may all be temporary, but, if you are mindful of all the 200+ year history of this specific site, there's not much about it that hasn't just been temporary, or indeed ironic about the literal birthplace of the United States of America.
Perhaps the reason it is so difficult these days to design a decent memorial is because architects for almost a century now are more trained at designing oblivion.

031203a collection of museum plans   2120i18
031203b collection of museum plans plus
Parkway quadrant of Center City Philadelphia   2120i19
031203c House 10 and Museum for Nordrhine-Westfalen within Parkway context   2197i03   b




2004.12.03 11:14
Re: Big Boxing
What is the history of the open-web joist? When was this structural floor/roofing element first used? Big Box architecture depends a lot on the open-web joist, doesn't it?
Ancient Rome had lots of (grain) warehouses in the south-west(?) along the Tiber.
It was said that one could traverse the entire Campus Martius under roof cover because of the many public porticus there. Each porticus had a different name and raison d'ętre, sometimes even shopping. No open-web joists, but lots of columns, e.g., the Hecatonstylon--hall of a hundred columns.

041203a Romaphilia Philadelphia/Parkway west of the Tiber   2348i02
041203b Romaphilia Philadelphia east of the Tiber   2348i03
041203c Romaphilia Philadelphia east and west of the Tiber (uncropped)   2348i04
041203d Romaphilia Philadelphia east and west of the Tiber (cropped)   2348i05

2007.12.03 09:19
Guess Who
Both the profane and the sacred are human "being". Take away the qualifying hierarchy and you'll see the whole picture, which is much more.
After reading The Sacred and the Profane perhaps pick up Slovoj Zizek, The Puppet and the Dwarf: The Perverse Core of Christianity. It might help fill out the "whole picture."
...the subcategories of profane and sacred space:
fertile space
conceptual space
pregnant space
assimilating space
metabolic space
diaphragmic space
networked space
osmotic space
electromagnetic space
all-frequency space
for a school I'd go:
inside -- assimilating space and all-frquency space
outside -- metabolic space

2008.12.03 00:44
where is the good new architecture?
Is there really all that much difference between 31 December 1999 and 1 January 2000? They're arbitrary place setters, and not the demarcation of disticnt different times. Metaphorically, the calendar is the cart, not the horse.
Personally, I see the Seattle Library design going back to Kahn's [and Tyng's] mid-1950s Municipal Building designs for Philadelphia. Historical analysis within a space-time continuum is more ongoing productivity and less end-product.

2008.12.03 01:50
where is the good new architecture?
I prefer to watch architecture history as it actually unfolds, and not through the aperture of somewhat artificial markers.

2008.12.03 11:23
where is the good new architecture?
There may be well be a lot of recent built architecture that is uninteresting (to you), but, nonetheless, there is a lot of recent designed architecture that is interesting. I can hear you say that designed, i.e. unexecuted, architecture does not count on this list. Yet I can also hear you say that St. Pierre does not count because it was designed in 1962. That is to say I sense your evaluation process unfortunately includes a double standard. Not all architecture has to be built in order for it to be historically significant.

2008.12.03 08:00
pragmatists turning political?
I listened to most of the lecture while doing other work. Interesting, and likely even fruitful, typological analysis in terms of forms and how they may relate to programs and usage, but there remains the hint of force-fit and an even horizontal shift from 'iconic' analysis/design to 'political' analysis/design. As to this work's place within the continuum, I like how this is now being reenacted.

13120301 IQ06 Philadelphia model data axonometric   2093i33

14120301 Mayor's House roof studies models Mayor's House wireframe @ Ury   2269i08   b   c   d   e
14120302 Mayor's House @ Ury massing studies models   2269i09   b   c   d

14120301   OMA   Green Square Aquatic Center & Gunyama Park   Sydney

16120301 GAUA 101 model work   2457i02

17120301   López-Toribio   Un jardín de paisajes   Granada

18120301 GAUA17 Tempio Malatestiano Courthouse with Garage City Tower Museum of Hamar Institute of Contemporary Art Netherlands Embassy in Berlin NATO Headquarters Almost Semiquincentennial House plans placed unedited   2429i325
18120302 GAUA18 Tempietto John Wanamaker Store Hubbe House Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp Palais des Congrčs Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes Wallraf-Richartz Museum Cooper & Pratt House Capital Park West Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art CCTV plans placed unedited   2429i326
18120303 GAUA19 Fortifications of Florence PSFS Building Fallingwater Bacardi Office Building Cemetery of San Cataldo Mayor's House Capital Park West Y2K House Kunsthaus Graz New Not There City World Trade Center plans placed unedited   2429i327
18120304 GAUA20 Porta Pia Jacobs House Richards Medical Research Building and Biology Building Gunma Perfectual Museum of Modern Art Winton Guest House Vice Grip House Good-Bye House [virtual] Museum Museum plans placed unedited   2429i328

19120301 Fragmented Architectural History Department axonometric -65,,270   2485i08



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