28 December

1790 death of William Blackburn

1868 birth of Horace Trumbauer

The Idea of History
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axes of life and death
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architectural otherness
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"there's never been a design that proved something"
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he ain't heavy
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the two Elenis
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Quondam Wavelengths -- more on
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damnatio memoriae - chapter
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quick notes
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28 December
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What is the problem with Architecture Digest?
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OMA   New Museum   Damascus

U67   The Leaf . Europan 12   Asker

07122801 Museum of Knowledge perspectives isometrics   2185i06

08122801 Durand scanned plans Chateau du Chambord Villa Julia with Courthouse Plus Ultra   2399i02

12122801 Basilica Sessorium model site plan true north 4th century plans Porta Pia elevation Santa Maria Novella elevation   206bi02   b
12122802 Temple of Venus and Rome Basilica Constantini original St. Peter's Basilica scan plans   206hi01

14122801 Dresdner Bank 1100x550 site plan   223ci11

14122801   U67   The Leaf . Europan 12   Asker

15122801   House of Shadows Bye site plan Ottopia   2366i08b   c
15122802   House of Shadows Bye model site plan Ottopia   2366i07   b
15122803   Calder Museum site plan IQMC   2369i05c   d
15122804   Calder Museum model site plan IQMC   2369i05   b

16122801 Philadelphia West IQ existing conditions plans   2093i61

17122801 IQ14 Hyper Architecturism IPC Berlin University City plans   2468i03   b
17122802 IQ15 Hyper Architecturism Pantheon Baths of Constantine Leicester Engineering Building Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen Wallraf-Richartz Museum Dresdner Bank La Villett Housing ASouq Neighborhoods plans Roma Interrotta IV plan image   2468i04
17122803 IQ16 Hyper Architecturism Salutiani/Hadriani Mall ASouq Neighborhoods M4NRWF@Franklin Court plans Roma Interrotta IV plan image   2468i05   b
17122804 IQ20 Hyper Architecturism Mikveh Israel Synagague Urban Components Clay Workers Co-op Market Street East Development Gallery B Salustiani/Hadriani Mall plans   2468i06
17122805 aa Pantheon Paradigm Horti Salustiani Porticus Neronianae ASouq@Horti Valeriani M4NRWF@Franklin Court plans   2467i08

18122801   OMA   New Museum   Damascus

20122801   Vanna Venturi House plan site plan elevations sections working data   2182i07




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