turning of a page in architectural history

2016.11.18 10:05
New Notre Dame School of Architecture building breaks ground
"classical western architectural design" except it's really just a watered-down version of Leon Krier style circa 40 years ago.

2016.11.19 12:08
Patrik Schumacher's Right-wing Agenda
Perhaps related to the topic here at large, for the last year or so I started to wonder whether (Schumacher's brand of) Parametricism hasn't or won't really become mainsteam (for lack of another term) because only a relatively few (like ZHArchitects itself) actually know how to do it in terms of designing a whole/large building. For example, Schumacher's 2 volume Autopoeisis contains virtually nothing about (how to use) parametrics as an actual architectural design tool. When I see (pictures of) ZHA buildings I honestly don't know how the architects were able to achieve such designs. Although I've been using cad for 33 years, I haven't evolved into scripting, and I'm curious as to how widespread the knowledge of scripting as a working architectural design tool is throughout the global architectural profession.

2016.11.19 17:41
Patrik Schumacher's Right-wing Agenda
I wouldn't discount a connection between "his anarcho - capitalism" and (his) Parametricism so quickly. Has there even already been an investigation of the two in relation to each other. The chapter headings of The Autopoiesis of Architecture: A New Agenda for Architecture vol. 2 seem to suggest there probably is some connection: 6. The Task of Architecture, 7. The Design Process, 8. Architecture and Society, 9. Architecture and Politics, 10. The Self-descriptions of Architecture, 11. Parametricism--The Parametric Paradigm and the Formation of a New Style, 12. Epilogue--The Design of a Theory. Could "his anarcho - capitalism" be the beginning of volume 3?

2016.11.19 17:58
Only one student enrolled in a Yale course about women architects, despite grievances against poor representation
Put the entire seminar online for free for everyone. Why should the semination of this "knowledge" be dependent upon how many students are willing pay several thousands of dollars per credit for? Surely Yale can afford to do it. Perhaps courses on diversity deserve a diversity of output solutions.

2016.11.19 20:16
Patrik Schumacher's Right-wing Agenda
When you combined weaponized architecture and Speer I thought maybe you might have meant like the architectures of the Holocaust--concentration camps as WMD. I see Speer's architecture as grandeur and intimidation via grandeur, which I suppose is a form of social engineering.

2016.11.20 12:58
20 November
early Picasso... ...late Hejduk

2016.11.24 12:57
suicide of an architect
John Hejduk’s The House of the Suicide structures get new life in Prague

2016.11.24 13:12
suicide of an architect
Not an architect contemplating suicide, rather an architect contemplating suicide in terms of architecture. Any other architect besides Hejduk to have ever done that?

2016.12.07 10:33
5 December
...late styles undermine our pleasure, actively eluding any attempt at easy understanding.
...the prince stands for a pessimism of the intelligence and a pessimism of the will. The very first words of the novel are the concluding words of the rosary intoned by Father Pirrone--"nunc et in hora mortis nostrae"--and they set the tone of the entire book.
Said 104
Hejduk's late style?

2016.12.08 14:20
5 December
coc, if you have more thoughts on "late style" and "the case of architects" feel free to share. I'm here interested in trying to understand Hejduk's late works (and not so much his professional life), particularly the works from the last seven years of Hejduk's life.
The "wall house" theme has been a near constant throughout Hejduk's oeuvre, thus providing an interesting evolutionary gauge from early to late 'style'.
"now and at the hour of our dead" relates well to the profusion of religious (Roman Catholic) building designs from the last four or so years of Hejduk's life, including many church designs, most of which I see as continual reinterpretations of Le Corbusier's church at La Tourette.
This investigation of Hejduk's late style is an ongoing project.

2016.12.09 09:58
9 December
read at 00:45: Wolfgang Hildesheimer (December 9, 1916-August 21, 1991) was a German writer, dramatist, and painter known for his contributions to the so-called Theater of the Absurd, as well as his inventive treatments of the biographical genre. He was born in Hamburg, but studied and worked in England and Palestine before returning to Germany to serve as an interpreter in the Nuremberg Trails. He later became associated with the acclaimed Gruppe 47, and in 1975 settled in Poschiavo, Swtizerland, where he spent the remaining years of his life.
exactly 100 years ago, and then exactly 3 years after my grandmother death and godson's birth . . . continually reading looking for inspiration and then sometimes the joy of finding it . . . the mid-1960s phone pranks made me laugh out loud--a few times . . . architecture museum of the absurd? . . . start deconstructing pewter wings.......
the scorn was more honest, no?

2016.12.12 14:27
BIG proposes massive, gridded development for the LA Arts District
You mean Archigram's Plug-In-City's radical social implications that never materialized because there was never anybody to pay for it? Archigram's projects/design would only be radical if they actually happened.

2016.12.13 09:35
Thread Central
"All reality is relative to the vastness of its container."

2016.12.20 17:33
Art vs. Arch.
Architecture is not automatically art, however, architecture has the potential to be art.
Similarly, architects are not automatically artists, however, architects have the potential to be artists.
Design is the medium by which architects create architecture.

2016.12.23 12:27
Art vs. Arch.
What hasn't been said yet is that architecture has all kinds of potentials...

2016.12.28 15:31
What is the problem with Architecture Digest?
I thought you were going to write: "there are different strains of architecture magazines, some are much more anxiety-provoking than others."




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