6 February

1581 birth of Clément Métezeau (II)

1799 death of Étienne-Louis Boullée

1897 death of Max Salzmann

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electromagnetism in the body
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Re: notes from a reading of the Timepiece of Humanity
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Thesis Semester [blog] 25 years ago
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6 February
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Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
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6 February
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11. ...a distinct similarity between the plan of Whitemarsh Hall and the plan of the final House for Schinkel.

2006.02.06 18:28
Thesis Semester [blog] 25 years ago
Because of Roma Interrotta and related genius loci issues, I've been doing a lot of reading/research, and thus I now know that when I look out my mother's living room windows I'm looking at the site where the oldest house in Pennsylvania once stood.

2007.02.06 11:27
6 February
Interestingly, there is no entry of Étienne-Louis Boullée within Russell Sturgis' A Dictionary of Architecture and Building: Biographical, Historical and Descriptive (1902).

2009.02.06 10:08
Venturi's Lieb (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
"...the question about whether that particular research is still relevant to this particular generation."
"why do we like when old ads are painted on the sides of buildings - and try to protect them - but wouldn't allow them now? why would we protect/grandfather a huge neon when we are disallowing similar sized led displays?"
"the name of the exhibition was spelled out in those plastic letters above the entry to the gallery, in the gorgeous grand entry hall of the museum."
[I'd say] Museumification sometimes "has a way of nostalgically applying aesthetic qualities that were not present in the origin."
It is becoming more clear what Agamben means by "everything today can become a Museum, because this term simply designates the exhibition of an impossibility of using, of dwelling, of experiencing."
The antidote then may well be to simply use museums. And in that sense, the Lieb House has now been museumified, but, if and when it reaches its ultimate destination, it will then be used as a guest house.

11020601 Arch of Constantine elevation with Museum of Architecture

15020601 Silent Witnesses plan
15020602 Silent Witnesses working model

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