Pierre Chambiges (II)
architect; d. about 1616.
Pierre Chambiges (II) seems to have been a son of one Robert Chambiges, who in turn appears to have been a brother or son of Pierre Chambiges (I). In 1578 he was employed at the Pont Neuf (Paris). In 1582 Pierre (II) submitted estimates for work at the chapel of the Valois at Saint Denis (near Paris), which were rejected by Baptiste Androuet du Cerceau, then supervising architect of that building. In July, 1507, he was chosen arbiter by the masters of the hospital of S. Esprit (Paris). The assertion of Sauval that one Chambiges built the Petite Galerie of the Louvre is supposed to apply to Pierre (II), but is not corroborated. He was, however, employed on the Grande Galerie.

Nicolas Lemercier
Nicolas succeeded his father, Pierre Lemercier, as architect of the church of S. Maclou at Pontoisc (Seine-et-Oise, France) and of the church of S. Eustache in Paris. In the latter building he worked mainly on the nave, which is inscribed with the dates 1578 and 1580. (See David, C.)

Guillaume Marchand (Marchant)
architect and builder (entrepreneur); b. about 1530; d. October 12, 1605.
In 1578 he was commissioned with Guillaume Guillain, Thibaut Métezeau, and Jean and Francois Petit, to design and build the Pont-Neuf (Paris). He was charged by Henri IV to continue the construction of the Pont-Neuf, which was not finished until 1608. Between 1594 and 1590, he was associated with others in the construction of the eastern half of the Grande Galerie of the Louvre. March 27, 1600, he undertook, with Pierre Chambiges and others, the construction of the western half of the Grande Galerie. For Henri IV he began the new château of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which was finished in 1610 (destroyed about 1775).

François Petit
A son of Guillaume Petit, maître des oeuvres of the city of Beauvais. May 3, 1578, he was chosen to conduct the works at the Pont Neuf (Paris) with his brother Jean, Guillaume Marchand, and others. March 7, 1600, he contracted with others to build the western portion of the Grande Galerie du Louvere.




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