Cailleteau (called l'Assurance)
architect; d. 1723.
Cailleteau began as a draftsman, employed by Jules Hardouin-Mansart. He was associated with Girardini (below) in the earlier constructions of the Palais Bourbon (begun 1722), and with Aubert at the Hôtel de Lassay. Both buildings are now included in the Palais de la Chambre des Députés (Paris). He made the first plans for the Hôtel d'Evreux, now Palais de l'Elysée (Paris).

Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach
architect; b. September 13, 1693; d. June 29, 1742.
A son of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. He completed many of his father's most important buildings, the Hofbibliothek (Vienna), the church of S. Carlo Borromeo, and others.

Girardini (Girardin)
For the dowager Duchess of Bourbon, mother of Louis Henri, Prince of Conde, Girardini began, in 1722, the old Palais Bourbon, Paris, which was remodelled into the present Chambre des Députés. (See Cailleteau (above) and Joly.)

William Halfpenny ; alias Michael Hoare
He is known by his numerous practical works on architecture: Multum in parvo, or the Marrow of Architecture (1722-1728, 4to), Practical Architecture (London, 1730, 12mo), Perspective made easy (1731, 8vo), Modern Builder's Assistant (1742-1751, folio), and other works. He was assisted by John Halfpenny.




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