Guillaume Couture (Martin)
architect; b. 1732 (at Rouen); d. December 27, 1799.
In 1776 Couture was employed in the reconstruction of the Palais de Justice (Paris) and built the façade on the cour d'honneur. He was associated with Contant d'Ivry in beginning the construction of the church of the Madeleine, Paris, in 1764, and at the death of Contant in 1777 took charge of the works. He changed the original design by adding two bays to the nave. (For transformations of the Madeleine see Vignon, B.)

Henry Holland
architect; b. about July 20, 1745; d. June 17, 1806.
He designed Claremont House, Surrey, England, for Lord Clive, and directed the construction of Battersea Bridge, London, etc. His chief work was the reconstruction of Carlton House, Pall Mall, London. This palace was begun in 1788, and destroyed in 1827. In 1791 he designed Drury Lane Theatre, London, for R. B. Sheridan.

Antoine François Peyre
architect and painter; b. April 5, 1739; d. March 7, 1823.
A brother of Marie Joseph Peyre. In 1762 he won the Grand Prix de Rome in architecture. Returning to Paris, he was appointed contrôleur of the buildings at the château of S. Germain and of Fontainebleau. He designed the electoral palace and chapel at Coblentz (Rhenish Prussia). Under the Empire he was architect of the administration of the hospitals. He published several works on architecture.




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