20 July

1656 birth of Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach

1745 birth of Henry Holland
1765 birth of Peter Nicholson

1833 birth of Karl Freiherr von Hasenauer

Timepiece of Humanity
1997.07.20     3784b

(original) Book of Drawings
1997.07.20     3000f

new Quondam [ideas]
1998.07.20     2066 2120d 2156 2219 2227 3142 3704 3705d 3713b 3730c 3754c 3789

Colored doors!
1999.07.20 13:17     9007b

19 July 326
2004.07.20 11:46     3747g

archinect poem off
2007.07.20 17:49     3335e
2007.07.20 20:58     3335e

Question about Charles Jencks' Declaration
2011.07.20 11:53     3331p 3749t

20 July
2013.07.20 10:37     2427 3304c 3773l 3791m
2013.07.20 18:41     3304d

Scrap Collage   003

With modern Charleston building off the table, Clemson looking to lease space for its architecture center
2015.07.20 16:27     3311l 3747q
2015.07.20 17:19     3311l
2015.07.20 17:51     3311l 3747q

The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
2015.07.20 18:17     3311l

MAPAA   New School of Architecture   Aarhus

09072001 ICM Janiculum scan plans   2419i18
09072002 ICM Aurelian Wall Porta Calularia to Porta Collina scan plans   2419i19
09072003 ICM scan 003 IQ088   2419i20

2011.07.20 11:53
Question about Charles Jencks' Declaration
I'm thinking luxury housing, like putting the Louie back in St. Louie.

12072001 Gledstone Hall elevations scan   2402i11

13072001 NNTCWTC models perspective   2280i01 2427i03   b   c

14072001 Working Title Museum 003 massing study model scalled to match New Not There City in register   2325i08   b

15072001 9-10 8-9 Market Street Dresdner Bank legacy existing buildings plans models   2263i13
15072002 9-10 Market Street Dresdner Bank legacy plans models   2263i14
15072003 Market Street East Development Dresdner Bank legacy plans models   2263i15

16072002 IQ58/11 Karastan Palace of Versailles Pruitt-Igoe Housing Villa Rotonda Maison Dom-ino Whitemarsh Hall Villa Stein de Monzie Villa Garches Composition Three Villa Savoye Tugendhat House Courthouse with Garage 5233 Houses Under a Common Roof Farnsworth House Governor's Palace Burden House Goldenberg House Vanna Venturi House plans Whitemarsh Hall site plan image attached   3392vv50   b
16072003 IQ58/12 Palace of Versailles Houses Under a Common Roof Pruitt-Igoe Housing Fruchter House De Vore House Adler House Fisher House Maison l'Homme House 10: Museum Frug House 1 Frug House 2 House 15 Gallaratese Housing Block Brant House Wall House 2 Silent Witnesses Housing for La Villette Eclectic House Gooding House Retreat House Wagner House Brant House Addition Cooper & Pratt House Mayor's House Zany House 001 Zany House 002 Green Enfilade House Winton Guest House Villa dall'Ava Sober House 1   3392vv51

16072001   MAPAA   New School of Architecture   Aarhus

17072001 surface models IQ63s16 plans   2462i01   b
17072002 surface models work   2462i02
17072003 Schizophrenic Folds/Ottopia in register with Pantheon Paradigm plans   2307i30

18072001 Domestic Museum IQ61 Palace and Park of Versailles   2477i01
18072002 Palace of Versailles and Park plan NNTC IQ58 59 61 62 plans   2092i37
18072003 Domestic Museum IQ61 plans   2477i02

19072001 rem surface from 01050302   2480i35
19072002 mesh surface from 08020901   2480i36




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