Joseph Camerlain
architect and sculptor.
Camerlain was educated at the Academy of Antwerp and at Paris. In 1806 he went to Saint Petersburg and in 1816 was sent to Tiflis as chief architect of Georgia.

George Papworth
architect; b. about 1781; d. March 14, 1855.
In 1806 he settled in Dublin, and in 1831 was elected to the Royal Hibernian Academy. He built the Museum of Irish Industry at Dublin.

Hubert Rohault de Fleury
architect; b. 1777; d. 1846.
A pupil of Durand. He won the premier grand prix de Rome in 1802. In 1806 he was appointed inspector of the works at the Arc-de-Triomphe de 1'Étoile. From 1817 to 1833 he was architect of the hospitals of Paris. He built important public edifices in Paris.

Barthélemy Vignon
architect; b. 1762 at Lyon; d. May 1, 1828.
A pupil of David Leroy and of De Gisors. In 1806 he won second prize in the competition for the transformation of the church of the Madeleine (Paris) into the Temple of Glorie. His design was, however, preferred by the Emperor Napoleon. He undertook the work, and had charge of the building until his death, when he was succeeded by Huvé. The present classical form of the Madeleine is his design.

Blick auf eine weite Fluss- und Seenlandschaft mit Gebirge und einer südländischen Stadt
Schinkel, Karl Friedrich (13.3.1781 - 9.10.1841), Zeichner
um 1806/1807     1502728




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