Joseph Gwilt
architect and author; b. January 11, 1784; d. September 14, 1863.
Joseph was a son of George Gwilt, surveyor of the County of Surrey, England. In 1801 he entered the school of the Royal Academy, London. He had a good practice as architect and held the office of surveyor in succession to his father from 1807 to 1846. In 1816 he visited Rome. Gwilt is known by his books, A Treatise on the Equilibrium of Arches, (8vo, 1811), Notizia Architectonica Italiana (8vo, 1818), Sciography, or Examples of Shadows with Rules for Their Projection, (8vo, 1822), an annotated edition of Sir William Chambers's Treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture (1825), a translation of Vitruvius (1826), and the Encyclopaedia of Architecture, Historical, Theoretical, and Practical (8vo, first ed. 1842), reedited by Wyatt Papworth, in 1876.

Alexandre Louis Joseph, Comte de Laborde
archæologist; b. 1774 (at Paris); d. 1842.
Son of Jean Joseph, Marquis de Laborde, a famous French financier. Alexandre served in the Austrian army after his father's death, and returned to France in 1797. He travelled in England, Holland, Italy, and Spain, and was created count of the Holy Roman Empire in 1810. He published Itinéraire descriptif de l'Espagne (Paris, 1809, 5 vols. 8vo and atlas); Voyage pittoresque et historique en Espagne (Paris, 1807-1818, 4 vols, folio); Description des nouveaux jardins de la France et de ses anciens châteaux (Paris, 1808-1815, folio); Versailles ancien et moderne (Paris, 1839- 1840,4to).

Thomas Hope, Household Furniture and Interior Decoration (1807.05.01).
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