14 September

1483 a portion of the Doge's Palace, Venice, destroyed by fire

1696 birth of Batty Langley

1863 death of Joseph Gwilt

Not There
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more analogous buildings
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Re: Philadelphia churches, etc.
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In the future, everyone will be infamous for 15 hours
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Holy Cross Day - 14 September 325
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2005 Calder Museum scraped

"design" vs. "styling"
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Mat buildings
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fashion tip (of the iceberg)
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Repetition Repetition Repetition
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What a starchitectural skyline means for the future of New York
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various ideas
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Francisco Mangado   Palacio de Congresos y Hotel   Palma de Mallorca

┴lvaro Siza   Casa da Arquitectura   Matosinhos

2005.09.14 13:40
"design" vs. "styling"
Style now-a-days is largely egalitarian. Almost everything produced today harbors some degree of style. Price (which is supposed to reflect quality) is really the only thing that differentiates styles.
Overall, Modern or contemporary architecture is not a very popular style for living in.
Big Boxes are very efficient designs with little or no style?
The more style added to architecture the higher the maintenance?
My personal style anymore defaults to "no class" offset by an enormous aversion to falsehood. It makes for an easier life due mostly to low maintenance requirements.
The design of my life, however, is very complicated because art is its ongoing goal.

2005.09.14 16:11
"design" vs. "styling"
So current-day stylization has a lot to do with covering-up or eliminating the common insecurities of most individuals?

2005.09.14 16:24
"design" vs. "styling"

Mario Bellini
design and style

2005.09.14 14:07
Mat buildings
Now look at Le Corbusier's design for the Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti, Rho-Milan, 1963-64--it's got mat, blob and funky hi-rise all in one. The first to reenact this one was Stirling with his unbuilt design for the Olivetti Headquarters, Milton Keynes, 1971.

11091401 Green Enfilade House schematic plan with Acropolis Q   2252i01   b

14091401   ┴lvaro Siza   Casa da Arquitectura   Matosinhos

17091401 Netherlands Embassy section   2338i04
17091402 Seattle Central Library section   2341i03
17091403 Casa da Musica cross section layers fixed   2320i11
17091404 Netherlands Embassy Seattle Central Library Casa da Musica sections   2320i12

17091401   Francisco Mangado   Palacio de Congresos y Hotel   Palma de Mallorca

18091401 Notre Dame du Haut Guggenheim Museum Bilbao site plans   217ui10
18091402 religious architecture plans Stonehenge Temple of Horus Pantheon Temple of Venus and Rome Basilica of Sts. Peter and Marcellinus Basilica Sessorianum Basilica of St. Agnes Sts. Sergius and Bacchus Tempio Malatestiano St. Peter's Basilica   2061i09

19091401 New Not There City World Trade Center model working data   2427i06
19091402 New Not There City World Trade Center model work   2427i07




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