11 January

1503 Antonio Abbondi was called by the Cardinal Georges I. d'Amboise to inspect the works at the château of Gaillon, near Rouen

1762 death of Louis François Roubillac
1768 death of George Dance (I)
1784 birth of Joseph Gwilt

1812 birth of Adolphe Berty
1891 death of Georges Eugène Haussmann
1894 death of César Daly

Forma Urbis - original reconstructions
1995.01.11     e2696 5395b

degrees of representation
1995.01.11     e2905 5395b

metabolic imagination
1995.01.11     e2745 4401 5395b

relation of past and present site placement
1995.01.11     e2588 e2726 e2727 e2905 5395b

The Customs Office of the Neue Packhof
1997.01.11     2122

life, death, and the triumphal way [inversion]
1998.01.11     e2522 e2566 e2567 e2613 e2655b e2675 e2731 e2737 e2749 e2777 e2781 e2864 e2886 e2889 e2909 e2917 e3037 e3044 e3078a e3087 e3088 5398b

as dense as architecture can get?
2000.01.11 00:43     3316i

altes (museum) trash
2000.01.11 00:55     3316i

Ichnographia Campus Martius first state
2001.01.11     4694i

Architectural Predispostions
2001.01.11     3301g 3770d

2002.01.11 14:21     3301g 3775e

Quondamopolis 001
2002.01.11     3775e

Re: the dead end of urbanism as we know it
2003.01.11 13:29     3120j

Re: 2005! new year of art
2005.01.11 09:19    

2007.01.11     2349 3778b

Gehry @ Sydney
2011.01.11 08:29     5131

dreaming of the future
2011.01.11     3773j

Bye House--Eclectic Houses
2011.01.11     2219 3713j

10 January
2013.01.11 15:15     3301f

11 January
2013.01.11 16:16     3301g

architectural otherness
2016.01.11     3710r

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1918.01.11)

Quondamopolis 001
QUONDAMOPOLIS comprises those places that are within Quondam's image collection but no longer exist. Quondamopolis 001 was demolished sometime between 29 July 1999 and 19 March 2001.

2002.01.11 14:21
Even in all its decaying glory, the SS UNITED STATES is nonetheless the most impressive feature of Philadelphia's waterfront today.

There is also www.ss-united-states.com.
I saw the SS UNITED STATES yesterday while taking my brother to see it for what was his first time in 47 years. Otto and my parents came to the United States on the United States. The images at Quondam are from 19 March 2001.

07011101 Ury House/Quondam site plan (bad)   u6307

09011101 St. Agnes Basilica Santa Costanza Pantheon Courthouse Plus Ultra plans   2419i02

14011102 IQ10 Urban Components plans   2230i02
14011103 IQ09, Horti Salustiani Independence Mall model extrusion work   2431i02   b

15011101 Danteum site plan 1100x550   2165i00
15011102 Fruchter House site plan 1100x550   217ji00
15011103 Kahn's diachronic house plans 1952-67   217ji02

20011101   Villa à Garches plan work   2151i15

21011101   Castle Howard plan work images   2095i01
21011102   860 Lake Shore Drive Apartments plans elevations Farnsworth House Pruitt-Igoe Housing models iq58.11 site plan   216fi03
21011103   Villa à Garches 3rd floor plan   2151i18




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