Stephen Lauf

Museum Annex     Philadelphia


Parkway Interpolation   2278

...the opportunity to begin design development of the Museum Annex as per the investigations of the Altes Museum, etc.

the Parkway Museum Annex as Quondam
...the museum annex within Parkway Interrotta is a perfect virtual Quondam construction. The story-line is simple and apropos to the continually unraveling [of] Quondam.
...the museum's design follows the Schinkel-Le Corbusier-Stirling legacy, and presents a viable next step/direction. The design is also ripe for inclusion-execution of the promenade architecturale. Additional design development will entail any sculptural & electro-iconic enhancements to the "boxes". ...legitimate reference to all the museum precedents not only within Quondam and the museum design legacy, but to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Beaux Arts tradition as well.
...the design of the building itself is going to be an exhibit of architecture... ...design actual exhibits, and incorporate actual buildings (life size models) into the building, and the exhibits will be the actual buildings and/or their various parts. This takes the virtual museum of architecture idea to a fabulous reach--like a parallel universe.
One of the exhibits could be the Villa Savoye on the roof (or someplace appropriate)...

Re: Cyberspace and Architecture
An additional way to look at the "architecture" of cyberspace is as a kind of parallel existence to the real world. For example, Quondam calls itself a virtual museum of architecture, and, up to now, it functions more like an e-zine than a "virtual place". In the not too far off future, however, a "branch" of Quondam within a virtual building will open at a site within center city Philadelphia. The site (which is adjacent to Philadelphia's Museum of Art) is real, but Quondam as a building will only exist virtually, i.e., on the Internet. Essentially, continue to "play" with the museum metaphor where visitors will come to the museum to see architectural exhibits, etc. ....what may be perceived as possibly an uninvited and unofficial intrusion upon Philadelphia's institutional scene.

new Quondam
...virtual "exhibits" could well occupy the museum annex.

Quondam as hypermuseum
1. continuation of "Lauf Haus der Kunst".
2. lots of new museum (model and plan) play.
3. museum annex development.
4. the working title museum.
5. something to do with the Ryerss Museum.
6. the local acropolis.
7. a Duchamp exhibit.
8. a solarized "photography" exhibit.
9. collecting at eBay.
10. IQ as the plan of a hypermuseum.
...to display an exploitation of data in the digital realm to create entities that (can) only exist in the digital realm.

museum collecting
...the collected museums are also within IQ. ...have yet to compile all the museum plans within Quondam's collection, meaning to add Museum Annex, Calder Museum, Working Title Museum, Haus der Kunst, Cut & Paste Museum (and just as an aside, the latest REX museum seems to relate to the Cut & Paste Museum), Acropolis Q, Venue, Gallery B, Circle Squared Museum, Domestic Museum, 5233, Villa Savoye(?), Palace of Versailles, and all the superimposed museum plans.



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