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Quondam is an altogether new type of architecture museum

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2004.11.23 12:58
does anyone model some famous architect's works?
The point of this thread is learning about building designs via model building, and yes one does learn a great deal about a building's design via building a model of it. Whether constructing a physical model or generating a computer model, both processes force one to look very carefully at the (available) drawings, and that is where the bulk of the learning occurs--trust me, after having done all the models at Quondam I know what I'm talking about. Of course, the learning continues once the model takes shape.
I was a professional (physical) model builder while an architectural student in the 1970s, and a professional computer model builder during the 1980s. Quondam's model collection was generated during the 1990s, and, for the most part, represents building designs that were never built.

2004.11.23 13:29
does anyone model some famous architect's works?
Quondam's collection is the result of a personal project, one of wanting to "experience" buildings that otherwise do not exist.
Quondam's model collection is not exactly consistent: a few buldings are complete inside and out, some buildings are within their immediate context, many are fragmentary.
The over-riding goal of virtually all the model building was indeed to continue learning architecture.



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