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Quondam is an altogether new type of architecture museum

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Here's the first image online at Quondam - A Virtual Museum of Architecture 21 November 1996.
Quondam is an altogether new type of architecture museum. First, as a virtual museum, Quondam possesses the power to act as a museum without the agency of a building, and it may be the first museum of architecture solely in cyberspace. Second, virtuality, that is, potential existence, defines the fundamental theme of Quondam's collection of 3-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) models, most of which represent unbuilt architectural designs.
The objective of Quondam and its collection is to manifest new virtual possibilities--to enable "visits" to buildings that do not exist, to compare the scale of any number of buildings side by side, to analyze specific building designs by taking their "models" apart, and, perhaps, to learn something totally new by reassembling pieces of the "models" in new ways.


The lobby of a non-existent museum containing exterior images of the same non-existent museum.

James Stirling + Partner, Museum for Nordrhein-Westfalen (Düsseldorf: project, 1975).

1999.11.21 08:15
The Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall
What other built form of the twentieth century had such power, yet, in the end, was also so disposable?
An example of extreme modernism?

1999.11.21 08:31
Le Corbusier's notion of the promenade architecturale.
Too bad most architects don't even know the full extent of what that is exactly.



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