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2007.05.18 14:03
lost endings
Barnabas explains the strange things he saw in the east wing of Collinwood. Julia explains Stokes' theory of Parallel Time. Barnabas and Julia find Megan and offer to try to cure her, but she refuses. Megan bites Roger. Julia and Barnabas plan to have Willie drive a stake through Megan's heart. Barnabas again sees parallel time in the east wing; Elizabeth tries to remove a portrait of Angelique however Julia stops her.
Roger tells Barnabas what he saw in parallel time. Julia tells Barnabas that she has given him the last treatment that she can safely give him. Sabrina asks Chris to marry her, he refuses. Roger tells Elizabeth about what he has seen in the east wing. Barnabas is unable to control himself and bites Sabrina. Later Chris discovers the bite marks on Sabrina's neck.
Sky tries to kill Carolyn, Jeb stops him; Sky pushes Jeb off of Widow's Hill. Barnabas considers entering parallel time in order to escape hurting anyone else. Barnabas forces Sky to shoot himself. Carolyn has a dream in which Jeb tells her that he loves her and they will meet again. Barnabas enters the room in the east wing and finds himself in parallel time; Carolyn asks him who he is.
In parallel time Barnabas bites Carolyn. Quentin had previously been married to Angelique who has apparently died. Julia is a servant who is still loyal to Angelique. Quentin has married Maggie Evans and they have returned from their honeymoon. Maggie gets a note telling her that she is not wanted at Collinwood, it is signed by Angelique.
Gosh, they just don't make television like they used to.

2007.05.18 13:52
lost endings
Don't forget Sawyer's been reading Catcher in the Rye, which plays an integral 'role' within the imaginative strategems of Six Degrees of Separation--"what we really fear is [facing] our own face" (paraphrase). In Lost we see the "degrees of separation" becoming less and less, and ultimately there is no separation at all because it's all just one person--Hurley! (and that's why Hurley is such a big person; his large body represent everyone).
The first (1984) collaboration between horror/fantasy writers King and Straub, this book has been reissued in multiple formats to coincide with the publication of its sequel, Black House. In The Talisman, 12-year-old Jack Sawyer takes on a quest in this and a parallel world, the "Territories," to acquire a mystical talisman that will save the life of his dying mother and her "twinner," the Queen of the Territories. Jack "flips" back and forth between worlds during his journey, finding his way through and past representatives of good and evil in both.

2007.05.18 11:53
lost endings
Judith stops Quentin from harassing Edith. Edward Collins returns to Collinsport with a new governess, Rachel Drummond, for the children. Barnabas meets with Edith Collins; she is shocked and declares that he is the secret. Edward tries to get Edith to tell him the secret.
Joshua and Nathan investigate Suki's murder, they find Josette at the Old House. Millicent finds out that Suki was Nathan's wife. Bite marks are found on Josette's neck, and it is feared that Josette will die as written in the family history book.
Roger picks Victoria up to drive her home. She tells him about finding out that Burke's pen was missing and that it was the same pen that she found on the beach where Bill Malloy died. Roger doesn't want her to mention the pen again even though this could be used against Burke, Victoria is puzzled. Roger finds the road cut off by water from the storm, he is unable to start the car back up. Victoria and Roger find a small shack to get out of the storm. They then talk about the pen again, Victoria wants to go to the police, Roger gets very angry with her. Victoria is now really confused. The sheriff finds Roger and Victoria and helps them get home.
Barnabas plans the costume party. Victoria is very excited about the party, but Elizabeth still has some reservations. Victoria helps Barnabas pick the clothing that everyone will wear. One of the pieces of clothing is a little girl's dress which belonged to Sarah Collins. Later Sarah appears and finds her dress.
Ben figures out they're waiting for a helicopter, so he asks the island for a helicopter. Ben's helicopter comes to the rescue, and "our group" happily get on board. Surprise! Surprise!

2007.05.18 10:56
lost endings
Certainly not the whole world, but the man-made world harbors a lot of reenactment. Let's not forget that LOST is a TV show.
"Space-time continuum" is one phrase from last night that I think is key. Plus, the "release of the island's electro-magnetic force" appears to have opened up the portal between the island and the rest of the planet.
Personally, I like the notion of it all being inside Hurley's imagination. I've never been committed to a psyche ward, but I've visited them often enough--if ever there were black holes on this planet...

2007.05.17 21:57
lost endings
Barnabas uses the I Ching wands to try and find out who killed Quentin. Barnabas and Magda find the portrait of Quentin as the werewolf and deduct it has cured Quentin. Petofi tells Edward where he can find and Barnabas, and gives him a gun with silver bullets. Barnabas enters the I Ching trance.
...and that's just one of 1245 episodes.

2007.05.17 21:50
lost endings
You forgot to mention Dark Shadows. Remember parallel time? And don't forget the hand of Count Petofi!
Jacob still has a lot to learn.

2007.05.17 16:19
ever feel like you are just a shitty designer
See what I mean about inevitable realities.
To be honest, I occasionally think about your quest for knowledge and how I once answered you. Nothing's perfect, and I'm hardly impenetrable. In fact, I'm much more transparant than most, but I always make the effort to design my transparency (here). Also, keep in mind I like to adhere to the adage 'so the question, so the answer'.
Didn't Stourley Kracklite commit suicide?

2007.05.17 15:27
"I see sham pane, but no glasses."
Miers and Sarah Fisher had fifteen children.
1776.10.21 birth of Thomas Fisher
1778.03.01 birth of Miers Fisher Jr. (1)
1778.08.01 death of Miers Fisher Jr. (1)
1779.10.26 birth of Esther Fisher
1780.07.08 death of Esther Fisher
1781.04.04 birth of Jabez Maud Fisher (1)
1782.08.18 birth of Redwood Fisher
1784.04.24 birth of Sarah Fisher and Miers Fisher (2)
1784.10.02 death of Sarah Fisher
1785.11.23 death of Miers Fisher (2)
1786.09.25 birth of Miers Fisher (3)
1788.02.09 birth of Lydia Fisher
1789.09.04 birth of Samuel Rowland Fisher
1791.02.10 birth of Sarah Rowland Fisher
1791.03.12 death of Sarah Rowland Fisher
1793.07.08 birth of Hannah Fisher
1793.09.24 death of Jabez Maud Fisher (1)
1794.10.12 birth of Octavius Fisher
1794.10.26 death of Octavius Fisher
1795.11.23 birth of Rebecca Fisher
1796.02.11 death of Rebecca Fisher
1798.08.19 death of Thomas Fisher
1801.04.30 birth of Jabez Maud Fisher (2)
1812.08.09 death of Samuel Rowland Fisher
1813.06.06 death of Miers Fisher (3)
1850.02.11 death of Lydia Fisher
1850.10.04 death of Hannah Fisher
1856.05.17 death of Redwood Fisher
1876.10.09 death of Jabez Maud Fisher (2)
"Ramée lived in Philadelphia during most of his sojourn in America. He arrived there from Europe in the summer of 1812; after visiting David Parish's North-Country lands at the end of that year, he returned to Philadelphia and spent most of his time there [so perhaps Ramée did eventually visit Ury] until he sailed back to Europe in 1816.
"The careers of Latrobe and Ramée were parallel in certain ways. The two architects were the same age (both born in 1764) and both brought to America a knowledge of architectural design from several countries, as the young Latrobe had lived in Germany and England and had traveled elsewhere in Europe. Some of Latrobe's and Ramée's designs are remarkably similar, especially those relying on simple geometric forms and flat surfaces, broken only by arched recesses.
--Paul V. Turner, Joseph Ramée: International Architect of the Revolutionary Era, p. 217

2007.05.17 14:05
lost endings
Funny about the father-to-son ring last night.
If there is ever a sequel to LOST, they could just call it The Plot Continues.




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