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2007.05.16 20:43
"I see sham pane, but no glasses."
Oh, the double theater of it all.

2007.05.16 20:32
"I see sham pane, but no glasses"
It looks like Redwood Fisher (son of Miers, supercargo) and Joseph Jacques Ramée crossed the Atlantic Ocean (from Europe to the US landing mid September 1812) on the same ship. Miers met with Ramée at least two times, but it doesn't look like Ramée was ever at Ury. Was Ramée perhaps architect of the quondam St. John's Episcopal Church (1815) at American and Brown Street in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia?

The entrance facade of St. John's Church looks just like this.

2007.05.16 19:59
ever feel like you are just a shitty designer
Louis Kahn was 36 years old when his first (independently designed) building was completed construction. Now altered with pink CMU. Esther Israeli Kahn was probably the most instrumental in getting Kahn independent projects from 1935-1950. Esther was extremely well connected within Philadelphia'a Jewish community.

2007.05.14 17:53
New Architectural Styles
Reenactionary Architecturism
Even all the new names mentioned above seem to fall within this category.

2007.05.14 14:43
"I see sham pane, but no glasses."
12 May
1921: The birth of Joseph Beuys.
2002: I also mostly remember how Huizinga describes the role of the 'spoil sport', i.e., the one that doesn't want to play by the rules as most of the others have established them.
2003: A good look at very early Kahn, particularly his projects for Philadelphia, will shed interesting light on architecture of the 90s and the 00s.

13 May
1999: Unfortunately, Tafuri's big example of dead classical language is/was Piranesi's Campo Marzio plan, and it is there that Tafuri is entirely wrong, which by extension undermines Eisenman's argument as well.

14 May
1948: Israel becomes a state.
1999: ...discovery of the two states of the Ichnographia today at the University of Pennsylvania's Fine Arts Library.
2003: It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Flushing vis-à-vis New York City is very similar to Olney vis-à-vis Philadelphia.
2003: That's the only guarantee I can think of.
2004: St. Helena, Eutropia, St. Catherine de Ricci and Louis I. Kahn visit Israel
2005 "De Spectaculis II" by Quintus Septimus Florens Tertullianus and Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

15 May
1773: The death of Alban Butler.
1999: For me, all reality is the same thing anyway (i.e., a wavelength), and I either sync with something or I don’t.
2003: Speaking from day-to-day virtual experience, living in a museum is not a normal life.
2003: Make the original off limits and allow the tourists to visit the facsimile.
2003: I assume one can look up where "museum" came from, but let's remember that 'pinakothek' stems from the Pinacotheca (picture gallery) that was part of the Propylaea of the Acropolis.
2003: You see, they, the castigators, really can’t get enough of me.

2007.05.13 11:24
"I see sham pane, but no glasses"
We are safely past the days of the Eis-Heiligen--St. Pancratius, St. Servatius, St. Bonifacius, die kalte Sophie . . . Their commemorations are made respectively at the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th of May, i.e., at a time when there are frequent cold spells ("last frost") in central Europe. This is why, traditionally, German farmers did not sow before they were "safely past the Eisheiligen," or did not drive their cattle to the pastures. There was a (now extinct) custom to build fires at these days to expel the winter.

12 May
St. Pancras...its church gave its name to the district and so to the railway station.
1812: ...spent the evening at the Agricultural Society where I received a few Cassuba Melon seeds from Smyrna in Asia.
59° - 72°

13 May
St. Servantius...he gave hospitality to St. Athanasius during his banishment.
1812: I walked much, my feet became very sore.
57° - 66°

14 May
St. Bonifacius...his reputed acts, even if they contain a substratum of truth, are obviously embellished with fictitious details.
1812: I spent the afternoon at S. W. Fisher's and in viewing his new house building in Walnut Street. It is large, the lot spacious, and the building is performing in an expressive and masterly manner. Having viewed it the idea passed through my mind that it would constitute a very strong tie between his mind and this world; at any rate I thought such an accommodation would have that effect on me. [Profound!]
56° - 67°

15 May
Sophie of Rome...What do you think made-up saints and misinterpretive history have in common?
1812: ...but the storm was too violent to attempt my return.
54° -52°
As to private business,--I shall get none. There are now building in this city two capital houses by the Fishers, who call themselves my friends. Do they employ me?--John Dorsey has now no less than 15 plans now in progress of execution, because he charges nothing or them. The public affront put upon me as a professional man, in the erection of the Academy of Art from the design of John Dorsey,--by a vote of all the men who pretend to patronize the arts in this city,--would have driven any artist from it...
--Benjamin Henry Latrobe, letter to Hazelhurst, 21 July 1806.

2007.05.11 11:48
"I see sham pane, but no glasses"
1812 June 20 Saturday
This evening M. & Mrs. Das[c]hkoff and M. Cor[r]ea came hither [to Ury]. They had lost their way and got wet in a heavy shower at 6 o'clock. About 8 S[arah] and S[amuel] Longstreth came and brought me the newspaper with an Act of Congress declaring War against Great Britain!!!
Since there is no further mention of Daschkoff and Correa within the subsequent day's journal entries, I imagine the diplomats immediately hurried back to town upon hearing the news of war.
Abbe Correa: Jose Correa da Serra, Minister from Portugal, the most famous wit and epigrammatist of his day. He it was who called Washington the "City of magnificent distances."
As with any creator, Jefferson at times doubted that his vision of an academical village would ever materialize. In an 1817 letter to the Abbé Correa de Serra, he writes: "Mine, after all may be an Utopian dream, but being innocent, I have thought I might indulge in it until I go to the land of dreams, and sleep there with the dreamers of all past and future times"
Thomas Jefferson's clock and thermometer, plus a Rembrandt Peale portrait of Jefferson's close friend, the botanist Jose Francisco, Abbe Correa de Serra. All three items have been on loan to Monticello, Jefferson's Virginia estate, for about three years, and the society is negotiating a sale to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, Monticello's owner and operator. For insurance purposes, the clock and thermometer were appraised in 1992 for $775,000 and $25,000, respectively, and the portrait of the Abbe was valued in 1994 at $20,000.
1812 June 21 Sunday
Morning without a cloud. Wind NW/N. Temperature 60°. This is the anniversary of my birth, and I went to Meeting with some desire that the entrance of my 65th year might be favored with some improvement in religious experience.
Looks like Miers had planned to celebrate his birthday with the company of a Russian Prince and Princess and a Portuguese Abbe.

2007.05.10 23:55
"I see sham pane, but no glasses"
A month ago I spent most of the day within the archive of the Medical Mission Sisters, going through their material on Ury House. The Medical Mission Sisters were the last owners/residents of Ury House, and indeed Sister Jane and Sister Carmine, who now work in the archive, both lived in Ury as novices. Sister Jane is now a retired MD who worked in various parts of Africa, Uganda (under Amin) and the Gold Coast. Sister Carmine was a nurse in various parts of India, and she obviously misses her work now.
There is a distinct architecture to the mission of the Medical Mission Sisters, and at its core is the issue of health issues intwined with women's rights. As I traced the contours of what was once Mier's Fisher's farm, and crop fields that Sister Carmine remembers working herself, Sister Jane related the history of their Order. Apparently Vatican II brought much hopefulness for missions dealing with health issues and women's rights, but that didn't last. I think Sister Jane was genuinely surprised I knew about (the mission of) Melania the Younger, and my mention of Church Fathers, Independent Virgins definitely raised her eyebrows.
I'd like to go back and hear more, but I don't know if I ever will.

2007.05.10 17:52
what are you into?
If you don't know Anonymous Saint in Bikini While Jesus is Walking on Water, then let me suggest Landscape with St. Philip Baptising the Eunuch.

I love art that holds its own.




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