among other things, Minerva is the goddess of weaving

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2011.11.09 09:50
Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary
Looks like late Le Corbusier style as Composite Order--Villa Shodham meets Heidi Weber Pavilion meets Chandigarh tapestries.

"Ah, Detailotheca, the nimiety of detail museum."
"If only all architecture were so self-evident."
"I know. It never really was a house, was it?"
"True, but it's actually two museums."
"Ah yes, the Reenactment of Late Le Corbusier Style Museum as well."

Cut & Paste Museum

HQ of D.A.T.A.
Department of Architecture Theory Annexation.

Be it ever so humble...

2011.11.08 15:56
Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary




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