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2011.11.05 09:13
Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary
2000.09.01 12:51
John wrote:
After about 3 months of this continuing professional education I feel completed rejuvenated and proud to be an architect. There is nothing better in the whole wide world, never has been, never will be. I can't believe I get paid so handsomely for doing something I would gladly do for love. And my clients and co-workers are angels, just perfect.
and Steve adds:
Yes, it is a wonderful world we live in (and abuse, but who cares as long as one makes contributions to Museumpeace, or is it Greenpeace that you're supposed to send money to?), and my new co-workers at http://www.quondam.com/ are truly un-believable. There's being [FOG], so talented, so created, (err, I mean creative), a leading specialist in architectural vaporware; and Rita Novel, literate to the max, a walking encyclopedia on 1980's magazines (when and where the 21st century really began); and finally, ultimately, the incomparable Dick Hertz, designer of future fashion, author of The Theory Masturbation of Fashion, Even.
Anyone here on the list read that new book entitled The Architecture of Nimiety: An Abundance of Redundance in Architectural Education, Theory and Practice?
I heard conflicting reports that it is either exactly 197 words long, or 197 pages long, or 197 chapters long. One critic hailed it as "a monument to dj vu all over again, absolute proof that what comes around is usually what was missed the first few times it came around."

Colin Rowe died 12 years ago today.

2011.11.05 08:55
Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary

Lately I've been into Rorschach Ink Blot Test Architecture. Makes things a lot easier, like no more concerns over iconography, representation, indexicality, etc. It's whatever the beholder thinks it is.
...what came to my mind was the fluid associational glue that bonds icons and representation, hence the idea of Rorschach Ink Blot Test architecture. Yes, iconography is somehow always going to be there, but just maybe the associational glue could remain forever elastic as well. Or is it that the iconography remains forever elastic and the associational glue is somehow always going to be there?
What's next? Yikes Architecture!

2011.11.01 09:54
Architect of yesteryears
1894 Accepted into Otto Wagner's teaching studio, but withdrew because lack of formal education made study difficult.
1895 Re-admitted to Wagner's Studio and also worked in Wagner's office part-time.
1899 Works in Wagner's office after return from Italian study visit.
1900 Until 1911 sets up own office in Vienna.
Yes, you could say Plecnik was a turn-of-the-century architect, but most of the work was executed in the 20s, 30s and 40s. His (mature) design work is of a very interesting originality.

2011.11.01 09:38
Architect of yesteryears
The bulk of Plecnik's (1872-1957) work was designed and built between World War I and World War II.
For example, Houses under a common roof, 1944.

2011.10.11 08:36
Did deconstruction turn into blobitecture some time in the 90's?
Whenever you (jump) make sweeping generalizations as to how everyone supposedly thinks (which is something you often do), it's immediately clear that all you're really doing is speaking for yourself.
Personally, I find architecture's continual / simultaneous diversity of directions fascinating. If you look at architecture on a global scale and throughout history, there's never been just one direction at any given time, rather many simultaneities.
Deconstructivism did not stop where Blobitecture began. Right now, Blobitecture and Deconstructivism are still sharing a simultaneity along with a fairly wide range of other types of architecture.

2011.10.10 09:46
Did deconstruction turn into blobitecture some time in the 90's?
jump, it is the word debate that best describes what has been going on within this thread. But I don't doubt that you purposely used the word complaining in order to denegrate what's been going on here. ["Are you perhaps still jealous?"]
What I enjoy most, however, is that you are in fact the one actually complaining.




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