among other things, Minerva is the goddess of weaving

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2011.11.06 08:55
Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary

"Eventual Cities" is a chapter within Architecture Not Now. Or is "Architecture Not Now" a chapter within Eventual Cities?

In any case, ad carceres a calce revocari is a footnote in either volume.

2011.11.05 22:13
Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary
What I'd like to do more of is 'fictitious historical dialogue'.

As of yesterday, reading Duboy (again) along with ongoing Montesquieu and spotty Foucault--bricolage plus letters plus Las Meninas etc. Mix that with 'fictitious historical dialogue' and you have my next book project.

It's a book about all kinds of style. The working title is über œuvred e suicidal. Piranesi hires a Quaker lawyer to fix historical inaccuracies while the Quaker lawyer hires Piranesi to design an historically accurate house. Neither knew of the other's true propensity--playful double-meaning meets good-natured honesty--yet they discover themselves to be a formidable team. You'll think you're laughing and you'll laugh about thinking.

For almost two months now, I've had one meal a day (usually lunch) sitting next to one of the last people to have lived in Ury House. I'd love to talk with her, but she has pretty bad dementia. She can talk, but not with any coherence. Once, however, she told me, "You're full of it." I said, "What?!" She said, "Goodness."

On the way out of the dining room it's now tradition to share warm greetings with SR, a Holocaust survivor, who endured two years in a Nazi concentration camp until being released by US troops. He I can converse with, but not in any real depth. Apparently, he and my mother have breakfast together, and speak to each other in German, even.




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