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2008.05.01 10:07
the state of drawing in education
In terms of drawing tool evolution then:
CAD offers an abundance of drawing tools and drawing capabilities.
The (so-called) inbuilt tendencies of CAD drawing tools are abundantly customizable.
The drawing field within CAD is also abundantly customizable.
CAD drawing data is fluid, easily manipulated, easily reproduced (thus making changes easily recordable, etc.).
It probably helps to have a fluid drawing/designing mindset to then optimally utilize the abundant capabilities of computer aided design/drawing.
Is it yet an inbuilt tendency for educators to instruct customization?
filling in the blanks:
1. draw series of spline lines on the xy plane
2. randomly move some of the spline points to arbitrary point +/- z
3. use the rotate-extrude command with extrusion rotation set to 15 degrees and the axis around which to extrude set by two arbitrary points somewhere on the spline lines
4. view the resultant extrusion at an arbitrary axonometric angle
5. do a hidden-line removal
The manual explains the rotate-extrude command by showing a straight vertical line as the axis of rotation and the half profile of a vase as the line data to be extruded during rotation(--this is the so-called inbuilt tendency, but really the social conditioning of the use of the command). The command itself, however, is programmed to accept any two points as an axis of rotation, and accept any set of drawn data to extrude while rotating.

2008.09:02 07:25
Theory needed: contextualism/transparency
Palais des Abuse Ridiculous
Cut & Paste Museum

ichnographia non-virtual non-context
3 black holes in the Michelin Misguide
atemporarily under deconstruction

virtue2vicegrip machine4living
you say: theory is only a textually generated infill (because the domineering cultures of this planet are text-based) in the gap between shelter and architecture.
I say: kaleidoscopic lacunae

2008.09.04 23:44
MVRDV masterplan in Tirana

design development like 8 years ago

"Hey, you're blocking my view!"



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