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Zantzinger, Borie & Medary Architects

Robert W. Ryerss Mansion, Library and Museum

3. from shopping to museumpeace -- The museum of Ryerss mansion is uncannily reenacted by "Venturi Shops"--and I'm adding the notion of shopping (and tourism) as they metamorphose into museum[pieces].

more reenactionary
1. "a museum of [someone's] shopping"--this is now the title I will do focusing on the Ryerss Museum. Essentially, I will reenact the museum in my own way (or should I say in a Piranesian way). Moreover, the sense of reenactment will be both clear and ambiguous because "Venturi Shops" weirdly reenacts the Ryerss Museum. I will be also reenacting "Venturi Shops", and I may even be reenacting Koolhaas et al.
2. "The Las Vegas Classroom" - This is now the title of the LV reenactment story which includes: the oasis / Villa d'Este reenactment; Atlantic City; Costa Iberica reenacting LfLV; and ultimately LV reenacting Disneyland and theme parks in general. Perhaps I have to again get the Huxtable and Sorkin books from the library.

2001.08.18 15:32
Happy Saint Helena Day
Then I took R to Ryerss Mansion and Museum in Burholme Park. I've 'rediscovered' this place last December. It's one of those places you pass all the time, but never bother to look inside of. It's my new favorite place, and I think one of R's now too. I describe it as "'Venturi Shops' 100 years ago" because the VSBA 1995 exhibit Venturi Shops unwittingly reenacts exactly what Ryerss Mansion and Museum is, namely an exhibition of things bought during excursions of India and the Far East (albeit 100 years ago). Because Ryerss is actually a museum of someone's shopping, there is an interesting Koolhaasian reenactment manifested here as well. Additionally, I tell R my new typological interest is houses that morph into museums, of which Ryerss Mansion is a prime example of as well.

2006.01.04 16:53
BobandDenise, etc.
The Mansion morphed into a museum circa 1920 (Zantzinger, Borie & Medary Architects) and is now what I like to call "a museum of someone's shopping," hence "Venturi Shops" 100 years ago. What I like about Ryerss Museum is its further adding of (Philadelphia) context to some of VSB's work.
...because VSBA architecture has long been an antidote to "chromophobia." 1998 I came to the realization that Franklin Court is unwittingly the first virtual house of the 20th century. In the mid-1990's there were several 'avant-garde' architects making much ado about designing a virtual house, yet no one then realized that a real "virtual house" had been already designed and built 20 years earlier!
I'm interested in aspects of VSBA architecture that are outside of the common analysis...
While I'm doing "virtual" architecture via web sites, I'm then also always designing (on) a screen, which I see very much in tandem with "Iconography and Electronics upon a Generic Architecture."



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