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Herzog & de Meuron   Parrish Art Museum   Water Mill Long Island   2006.07.21

Working in collaboration with the Parrish, the architects have keyed the design concept to the Museum's plans for the installation of its collection, which will present a narrative of the East End artists who, from the late nineteenth century to today, have been major figures in the art of their times. The narrative will unfold in a light-filled network of separate but connected galleriessimple shapes that evoke the idea of a collection of studio spaces, or an artist's colony.

The network of exhibition spaces in which the installation will unfold will be anchored by four galleries that have been inspired by actual artist's studios, and that will examine in depth the work of a single artist. These galleries will not only anchor the collection, but will also become landmarks and orientation points within the Museum and its surroundings.

The design concept for the new Parrish makes abundant use of the distinctive light that is such a prominent and inspiring feature of the East End. In order to capture the beauty of this light, the galleries will be almost exclusively lit with north-facing skylights. These, alonf with expances of window, will provide a remarkable sense of transparency throughout the museum, making the experience of the art intimately intertwunds with the experience of the site.



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