The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

17 August 1778

Piranesi didn't get much etching done Saturday, and he took off Sunday--there was pain, but he didn't mention it--and now, Monday, he's ready to get the job done. He reckons it will take about two weeks to be completely finished, proofed and all.

17 August 1977
Baroque churches of Rome
in transit to Venice
Churches were nice--first organized tour in a couple of days. A lot of sketching and separateness.
Ate at a horrible place around Termini.
Train at night was a horrible mistake.

exhausting, hot, ugly day
no more Villa Hélèna to go to

17 August 2022
Back in 1977, I had no idea that Piranesi's collection of copper plates were stored in the basement of the Instituto Nazionale per la Grafica, directly under the Trevi Fountain. Did the Instituto Nazionale per la Grafica recently change its name to Instituto Centrale per la Grafica?

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