The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

27 August 1515
Raffaello Santi was authorized to inspect and purchase all marbles in the ruins within ten miles of Rome.

27 August 1778
. . . . . .

27 August 1977
Saturday     some shopping in Florence     got posters at the train station     train to Rome     sketch from roof of pensione [didn't happen]     Spanish Steps [didn't happen]     Villa Guilia ? [did happen]

2007.08.19 10:42
Elvis 30th anniv. tribute thread
I was on the train alone going from Florence back to Rome and a young (though slightly older than me) American couple in the same compartment asked:
"Hey, did you hear that Elvis Presley died?"
"It happened a week ago."
I was very uncomfortably hungover from too much drinking the night before at The Red Garter, and then falling asleep on some curb [till daylight] with an even more drunk roommate of our group. I specifically left Florence as early as possible to avoid traveling back to Rome with the excessive chatter of the rest of our group.

27 August 2022

Piranèse et les Français 1740-1790 arrives in the mail.

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