The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

19 August 1778
As always, Venetian theatrics at its best.

19 August 1977
Spent the day on the islands across from Venice--boat ride was nice, should have taken some movies.

Everyone like the first Palladio church [San Giorgio Maggiore]. It must be something about its order and clarity (and overall classicalism) that makes it so attractive and made everyone respond favorably. I have trouble seeing it as a church.

View from campanile was very nice; lunch on harbor stop was excellent.

Later went to Il Redentore which was closed. Mohammad and I slept on the steps while others went for a walk. Guys came back and also slept. Mindy came back and woke up John and made him very mad. Mindy started to get on a lot of people's nerves. (Church was sort of ok.)

Ron, John and I ate in our room and later went to a lagoon side cafe (also Tom and George). Had various discussions about Knowles, Brigitte's book and architecture in general.

19 August 2004
After 1611 years Olympic Games return to Olympia, on the feast of St. Helena, with the first female athletes to perform there ever.
"Otto (who is now married to the quondam daughter-in-law of Theodosius, the emperor who closed the Olympic Games in 393), notice how the bodies of the shot putters twist like a fanciful column just before they execute their throw."
"You're not telling me that that..."
"Well, we did own the House of Nero there, and the columns are gorgeous, and Eutropia thought it would be wonderful for columns from Nero's Olympia House to then move to Nero's Garden in Rome."
"What's that Piranesi?"
"If you look closely at the Ichnographia Campus Martius, you'll see that I hinted as much."
"Oh, Giovanni Battista, you're such a precursor."

19 August 2022
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