The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

5 September 1778

After only one printing, flawless.

5 September 1977
There were enough stand-by seats available for all of us, so good-bye to Rome for sure. A five-year-old kid named Cameron sat next to me on the plane. He and his family just vacationed on Capri.

5 September 1997
Campo Marzio - the triumphal way
I just found an article in Ritual on the story/meaning of the Triumphal Way in ancient Rome. I am in the midst of reading it now, so I cannot make any final conclusion. I do now know, however, that the route that Piranesi delineated starts at the altar of Mars and continues as it enters the city at the Porta Triumphant. This makes me have to reconsider the "profane to sacred" architectural promenade, although I will still mention it except as an inversion (Just now--1997.09.11--I realize that the realm of the profane and the sacred did invert itself in Rome with the conversion to Christianity from paganism. Perhaps Piranesi is making a very real commentary on the reversal in ancient Rome's history and its meaning as a city. I am especially thinking of how the temple of Janus sits at one of the ends (beginning?) of Piranesi's Triumphal Way, and this also gives ground to the backward/forward reversal notion. I think I have a full thesis here now.) Perhaps the whole notion of inversion becomes a/the dominant theme that I have to present overall. (We shall see.)
There are many references throughout the article to Rykwert's The Idea of a Town and this reinforces my need to read that book. I am glad to have found all this new information, and it will undoubtedly add to the credibility of what I ultimately write. I only hope I don't continue to find more data that needs to be considered because it seems that I am never going to achieve a sense of completion.

5 September 1997
Death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

5 September 2003
VIRTUAL MUSEUM entitles a series of digital imagery that presents museum spaces that really don't exist.

5 September 2017

zero eight four

5 September 2022
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