The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

25 August 1778
. . . . . .

25 August 1977
This was the supposed half day trip. It wasn't. Pisa, that is.

The leaning tower was funny.
This is the day I wasn't eating properly.

25 August 1999
...easily put together a book on the Campo Marzio because of the large amount at hand. ...a list of the data:
the redrawn plan (in color?)
the Campo Marzio notes
Campo Marzio - Philadelphia overlay
contiguous elements
Encyclopedia Ichnographica
Eros et Thanatos
Tafuri's mistakes, etc.
Inside the density...
Platner texts
the two states of the Ichnographia.
The working title of this book is Virtually Carved in Stone and the cover image will be the intercourse building plan.
...quirky idea ... to intersperse reŽnactment architectures throughout the book as a parallel text that sometimes relates to the primary text and sometimes doesn't.

25 August 2022


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