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2009.03.16 12:32
age discrimination in architecture
"And, in fact, in my application to the Berlage Institute Deanship, one of my proposals was not to hire any studio instructors over 35, as it was the most efficient--and ecomonic--way to ensure that teaching was integrally connected to the production--rather than consumption--of knowledge. It was deemed too radical and not accepted, but I still believe it was a good idea."
--Alejandro Zaero Polo, 2007.

2009.03.16 11:28
Venturi's Lieb House (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
Historical analysis within a space-time continuum is more ongoing productivity and less end-product.
"architectures in the space-time continuum"
architectural history in the space-time continuum
Pergamon, wo bist du?
I'm beginning to wonder which is more unmovable, a building or an opinion.
"[This museum should be regarded as a kind of reliquary containing various mementoes symbolizing not only the eternal brother-conflict, but also the military and diplomatic encounters, exchanges and betrayals of recorded history.] An old woman conducts a party through the museum, pointing out relics from the battle career of her hero Wellington, the Iron Duke. There are exhibits under glass and pictures on the walls. A flag, a bullet, a military hat; Duke Wellington on his big white horse; three soldiers crouching in a ditch; a pair of Naopeon's jinnies, making believe to read a book of strategy; and a sex-caliber telescope through which the Duke trains on the flanks of the jinnies."
most prevalent in our time: the assimilating imagination, the metabolic imagination

2009.03.05 08:56
Eglise Saint-Pierre, Firminy - Questions
The horizontal banding is primarily a rain gutter system, that double functions as a kind of eave/awning for the corresponding line of low horizontal fenestration--the windows are essentially behind/below the gutter band.
The streaks of light I'm not sure of, but suspect they somehow come from the wall of dot windows that are under the exterior crescent 'awning'.
The entire building envelope works under the concept of going from a square base to a circular top/roof. This means you wind up with four essentially flat triangular walls and odd corners that go from a single point and fan up to a quarter-round. Here's a schematic diagram of the envelope geometry:

2009.03.01 13:55
What Do You Consider Work?

Critique of Justice, I'm sure.

2009.03.01 10:11
Is Anaba doing POMO?
Archikilo's Surge-Protector City

"Don't tell anybody, but reenactment can be such a circus."

2009.03.01 09:54
What Do You Consider Work?
"Opus is elevated, whereas Arbeit is mercenary; the one yields a civilizational possibility, the other a necessary, often unpleasant, reality."

2009.02.27 18:23
RFP / PERSPECTA 44: ping
Yes, bi-curious architecture!

2009.02.27 17:09
RFP / PERSPECTA 44: ping
Who does a bi-political architecture represent?
What does a bi-political architecture represent?
When does a bi-political architecture represent?
Where does a bi-political architecture represent?
How does a bi-political architecture represent?

2009.02.27 09:55
RFP / PERSPECTA 44: ping
Is Request For Participation the theme of Perspecta 44?
Is Anxieties or Dreams the theme of Perspecta 44?
Is Ping Pong the theme of Perspecta 44?
Is Beggars Can Be Choosers the theme of Perspecta 44?

2009.02.25 10:52
Bilocation Syndrome
Did Kahn 'research' St. Catherine de Ricci while designing the Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci? Who knows? There is a sense of bilocation in the design of the Fisher House, and even earlier in the Fruchter House and the executed Jewish Community Center Day Camp. It's probably just a strange twist of fate that these senses of bilocation came to a maturity within the design of the Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci.
--[what are]The Odds of Ottopia[?]

2009.02.25 09:35
pragmatists turning political?
"never did not" actually means you did. How Freudian.

2009.02.24 23:56
pragmatists turning political?
And be careful not to confuse bilocation for duplicity.

2009.02.24 23:49
pragmatists turning political?
The real answers regarding bilocation selves evidently reside in two places.

2009.02.24 20:38
pragmatists turning political?
before things get too carried away here...
"bilocation as it is, however, accepts the disordered, or varied, virtual. its a baroque and complex intertwining of narratives, myths, of the foundation of logic even prior to logic itself..."
Gosh, that sounds just like Quondam.

2009.02.24 18:49
pragmatists turning political?
no visible means of support a la gemmation




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