27 March

1600 Guillaume Marchand undertook, with Pierre Chambiges (II) and others, the construction of the western half of the Grande Galerie of the Louvre

1639 birth of Claude Audran

1770 death of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

1809 birth of Georges Eugène Haussmann
1878 death of Sir George Gilbert Scott

1920 birth of Colin Rowe


Re: (quondam) tallest buildings
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Re: aesthetic knowledge
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Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
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...and speaking of random tangents
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the 2nd great wall of china
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"That guy" in renderings
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Finally A Thread Created For Architectual Topics.
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Re: Traditional Architecture
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Is drawing dead?
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Ottopia becomes part of New Not There City
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Turns out the U.S. has more museums than the combined number of Starbucks and McDonalds
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Philip Johnson   Rockefeller Guest House   New York City

OMA   Morgan Bank Headquarters   Amsterdam

07032701 Northeast Philadelphia Ury Farm Center City Philadelphia map true north   u6597

2012.03.27 10:28
Re: Traditional Architecture
Last night thought of the architecture of Aldo Rossi, especially the late works; quickly glanced through Aldo Rossi: The Life and Work of an Architect.
Been reading (intermittently the last few weeks) Durand's Precis of the Lectures on Architecture; I now see a strong connection between Rossi and Durand.
This morning, did a google search (see Mies on the front page today) rossi durand precis and 'found' several things including:
Rossi does reference Durand's Precis within The Architecture of the City; it's now many years since I've read this book; should read it again soon.
A pdf entitled "Can the language of classical architecture be used legitimately today?" (1998)
Now imagining a pdf entitled "The joy of using the classical language of architecture illegitimately today."
Otherwise, working on The Philadelphia School deterritorialized.
"Trust me, deterritorialized thinking isn't necessarily brillant, although for the most part uninhibited."

2012.03.27 22:01
Re: Traditional Architecture
Wikipedia has a fairly concise entry on deterritorialization. Some the concepts there relate to how the Philadelphia School will be 'exhibited' via a virtual museum of architecture.
One can look at the history of Classical Architecture as one deterritorialization after another: first the Greeks, then the Romans, then back to Greece (via Constantine), then back to Italy (and the rest of western Europe via the Renaissance), then global (via colonialism), then Communist (via Stalin), then mnemonically (via Post-Modernism), and now artificially (via late capitalist sprawl) and illegitimately (via virtuality). Is each (subsequent) phase a somewhat less inhibited version of the one before?

13032701 New Not There City Karastan   217ai06
13032702 New Not There City site plan development   2070i20
13032703 New Not There City site plan development   2254i01

17032702 IQ Philadelphia East working data plans   2093i66
17032703 IQ Philadelphia East Mikveh Israel Synagogue Urban Components Clay Workers Co-op City Hall Redux Market Street East Development Gallery B Salustiani Mall Hadriani Mall Campo Marzio Infill ASouq Neighborhoods plans   2093i67   b   c

17032701   Philip Johnson   Rockefeller Guest House   New York City

18032701 chais lounge plan elevation   3392xi01
18032701 Piazza San Marco Venice   3392xi02

18032701   OMA   Morgan Bank Headquarters   Amsterdam

19032701   Berlin 1958 @ IQQ14 15 18 19 plans base data   217ii12
19032702   Berlin 1958 IQQ14 plan work   217ii13
19032703   Berlin 1958 IQQ15 plan work   217ii14
19032704   Berlin 1958 IQQ18 plan work   217ii15
19032705   Berlin 1958 IQQ19 plan work   217ii16

21032701   icm 1987 schematic modeling   2110i210




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