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2007.03.29 15:50
...and speaking of random tangents
Rita Novel
Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt
Crystal Vanish
I'm with stupid>>>
singing in the shower
don't look at me
I like extremes.
every inch a gentleman
spoiled rotten cocker
Who did I used to be?
Frank O. Goldberg
petting zoo purgatory
once was
Off. o. Acropolitan Arch.
I’m laughing my ass off.
This is an advertisement.
001 Lauf
002 Lauf
003 Lauf
004 Lauf
Atlas of Rita Novel Tectonics
JohntheBaptist Piranesi
LeDeuzzy, Q.
Miss Rita Novel
Marcel Breuer
Random Access Memory

2007.03.29 14:12
I saw Rem at Outback Steakhouse.
Orhan, thanks again. Now what was the name of that early Morphosis designed restaurant in Venice? I can picture it (I remember a pale green color), but I can't think of the name. Passed it on the way to Gehry's Rebecca's.

2007.03.29 13:59
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
765, you'll have to read A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit parts I through III, although "Sketches cum Napkins" in Part II is the most Campo Marzio concentrated chapter.

2007.03.29 11:51
I saw Rem at Outback Steakhouse.
Orhan, thanks for the update. My mind is full of weird bits of information from long ago that I now sometimes wonder whether I just dreamed the stuff or not. The Gehry-Hopper House(s) is a case in point. Although I haven't been there since the 1980s, I like the whole LA area and scene. I always thought, though, that if I stayed there too long then the big one would hit--just had the feeling that me and LA is like a cocktail for catastrophe. While I was flying home from LA August 1986 one plane hit another plane in the sky nearby. One of the planes was a Mexican Airliner, I think. Maybe you remember. Or maybe I just dreamed it up. Who knows?
I like the real-virtual blurring of your film set. Very there and not there at the same time.

2007.03.28 16:17
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
Eisenman doesn't misread Tafuri at all. And judging by Tafuri's interpretation, he didn't even bother to read Piranesi's Latin labels within the Ichnographia Campus Martius. Misreading isn't even the issue here. It's more the lack of reading altogether.

2007.03.28 15:18
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
If anyone here thinks that I am opposed to or think lowly of "getting ideas from misreading a text," then you have jumped to a wrong conclusion.
What I do find fault in is Tafuri's interpretation of Piranesi's Campo Marzio. And since this faulty interpretation is a crucial element of Tafuri's "historical-critical project"/research, I then see the need to re-evaluate Tafuri's overall theory. Moreover, that what Piranesi actually did with the Campo Marzio is indeed the opposite of Tafuri's interpretation of what Piranesi did with the Campo Marzio can well suggest that Piranesi's Campo Marzio shouldn't even be within Tafuri's overall theory.
And then there is Peter Eisenman utilizing and teaching Piranesi's Campo Marzio based on (really just repeating) Tafuri's misinterpretation of Piranesi's Campo Marzio. Furthermore, Eisenman has not contributed any new insight regarding Piranesi's Campo Marzio, and, if anything, more just tailors Tafuri's misinterpretation to suit his own design methodology. What I see fault in here is Eisenman's suggestion that his method is based on what Piranesi did within the Campo Marzio, where, in fact, Eisenman's method is based on Tafuri's misinterpretation of what Piranesi did. Again, it is more the case that what Piranesi did within the Campo Marzio has very little to do with Eisenman's method.
At this point all I can say is that I personally have learned a great many positive things directly from Piranesi's Campo Marzio itself, and I've learned a great many negative things from what Tafuri thought Piranesi did within the Campo Marzio.

2007.03.28 13:21
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
You know there really is no proof that personal fantasy automatically translates into bad design/architecture. Nor is there proof that personal fanasies automatically lack any theoretical foundation.
Anna, are you perhaps suggesting the virtual Altas of Rita Novel Tectonics--the real Stephen Lauf--might just be making a legitimate point regarding architectural education? Ask yourself "why" the thin line?

2007.03.28 13:05
...and speaking of random tangents
10:43 EST Some sort of hawk or eagle gliding over Quondam Ury.
Remember to look for any references to John James Audubon in Miers Fisher's 1804 journal.
Coincidental reading this morning: "Female separatists want to destroy the social contract between men and women and replace it with nothing; they seem to believe that all penetrative sex is rape, if a wife loves her husband she's exhibiting a slave mentality. How do you cope with that sort of fanaticism? Satire seems one way."
--J.G. Ballard, KGB (1995).
So it turns out that Miers Fisher did know William Penn IV--a great-grandson of Philadelphia founder William Penn. All I know so far though is that Miers shared a coach with Penn and his wife between Doylestown and Abington mid 1812. Perhaps a great-grandson or two of founder William Penn were once at Ury after all.
Finished digitizing a 1839 map of what is now Northeast Philadelphia. There are more 'Indian' trails around here than I prevously thought, and I hadn't realized before that Indian trail-Oxford Ave is a fairly consistant exact north-south trajectory. And Cottman Ave. and Castor Ave. correspond directly to lines on the 1687 map of Pennsylvania--their orthagonal intersection even makes a kind of cardo and decumanus. There's an aerial view of Cottman and Castor in The Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping, p. 780 toward the upper left, Bustleton Avenue along the botton of the page is an old Indian trail.
Once you study them, you find that the "Indian" trails within Philadelphia are not random tangents at all. Certainly not as random as the lines on the 1687 map of Pennsylvania. (Cottman Ave. is the parallel line to the left of the planned Susquehanna Road.)

2007.03.28 12:10
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
...just ignore it all. Why should you be any different than everybody else? Although I am serious about the "convincing piece of architecture" being more virtual than anything else.
But going back to the original question of this thread, does theory today make better designers? Personally, I think teaching style and technique would make better designers, where theory applies to the various styles and techniques and not so much to forming a priori thought processes of the designer.
Most of my architecture teachers worked in Kahn's offices and/or were students of his studio at Penn.
Does Goldhagen mention Piranesi's Campo Marzio hanging over Kahn's office desk or the Gaudet volumes on the desk?
Naturally, his thinking has foundations in architectural history. As Joseph Esherick sees it, "There is a moral injunction and an ethical character about Kahn's pronouncements. It is familiar in the writings of Julien Gaudet, whose Éléments et Théorie de l’Architecture in four volumes (1870-1880) posits that the elements of architecture are not the ancient orders but they are windows, walls, floors, and light. The idea that a wall wants to be a wall and the idea of master spaces and slave spaces are both in Gaudet. I remember," Esherick adds, "that the prominent thing on Kahn's desk when I first went to meet him in the late 50s was a copy of Gaudet's old testament."
--C. Ray Smith, Supermannerism: New Attitudes in Post-Modern Architecture (1977), p. 82-3.
[note to self: Kahn reenacts both Piranesi and Gaudet.]

2007.03.27 23:30
Finally A Thread Created For Architectual Topics.
My brother told me that after Sex in the City the next show he watched was Sex in the Country. I went to bed before him so I don't know if he made that up or not.

2007.03.27 23:26
"That guy" in renderings
That's Dick Hertz.

2007.03.27 23:21
the 2nd great wall of china
graffito, pl graffiti : an inscription, figure or design scratched on rocks or walls or on artifacts mde of plaster, stone or clay.
...and of course there are the contemporary derivatives of the meaning.

2007.03.27 15:29
...and speaking of random tangents
27 March 1920 birth of Colin Rowe.

2007.03.27 15:27
...and speaking of random tangents
Whenever I look out the quondam window now: "So I do have a home where the buffalo roamed."
Real project? Designing a garden of satire for myself.
satire : a usually topical literary composition holding up human or individual vices, folly, abuses, or shortcomings to censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque, irony, or other method sometimes with an intent to bring about improvement
5. Above all, the nymphaeum of the Orti Liciniani, then and still known as the temple of Minerva Medica. Alberti's inclusion of the deagon among his shapes for churches is, no doubt, due to this prototype.
--Rudolf Wittkower, Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism, p. 5n.

Hey, have you seen the April 2007 cover of Art in America? Very Museumpeace 2001.

"Anna, my assistant this past summer, was quite surprised when I asked her to model my fashions so I could photograph them, but I must say she did it in style. For example, when I asked her to pose while figuratively reenacting The Rape of the Sabine Women by Poussin, she immediately knew what to do."

2007.03.27 13:25
Theory Part II - Doing What I Said I Would Do...
"I haven't really seen any design that would be an effective "critique" or a real agent of opposition against the prevailing power structures and a convincing piece of architecture at the same time."

I think that's because the "convincing piece of architecture" is indeed virtual. It is there, and it's not exactly ignored as much as it's mostly unacknowledged.

Yes the tree that falls in the forest does make a noise, and those that heard the noise usually pretend they didn't. And then there are those that heard the noise, would deny hearing the noise, but go on to try and make a better noise--a.k.a. the proverbial "anything you can do I can do better" pathology.
"Oh for God's sake, would you please quit with the reenactionary architecturism innuendos!!!"

"...but i was very happy she let me use very expensive wooden louvers all over the place." Is that like a synopsis of going to architecture school in the Land of Capitalist Pathology?
Ever notice how much Stalinist Architecture reenacts Piranesi's architecture within the four aerial perspective views within Il Campo Marzio dell'Antica Roma?

"And then there's the architect as designer, director and curator of a virtual museum of architecture."
"Is that like a theoretically pragmatic project or pragmatically theoretical project?"
"Ah, that all depends on which way the wind is blowing metaphorically and from where the water is trying to get in metaphysically."




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