3 October

1546 death of Antonio San Gallo (II)

1811 death of Johann Heinrich Gentz

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.10.03)

1979 Papal Mass at Logan Circle   1979

"The arbors of Arbor Street"
1998.10.03     3998i

new exhibit idea for Quondam
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Re: paper
2003.10.03 11:51     4703

art imitates [what a] life
2003.10.03 15:42     3335w

Looking for a Lebbeus Woods drawing ...
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2007.10.03 08:16     3334r 3770q 3773g 4705
2007.10.03 08:52     3334r
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Name my conceptual model!
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Digital Asset Management?
2007.10.03     3334r

Apocalyptic Urbanism
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Resisting Formalism
2008.10.03 09:46     3332z

Did deconstruction turn into blobitecture some time in the 90's?
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2011.10.03 09:33     3331m
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2011.10.03 17:32     3331m 3736u

12 September
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Is the Pantheon always a spectacular experience?
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Why we create
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BIG   Produce Center   Miami

Jean Nouvel Eric Maria   Elysée-Mudac Museum   Lausanne

2013.10.03 21: 50
Why we create
Perhaps it's just semantics, but architects for the most part design; few architects actually also create.
Although, I suppose you can call a design a creation, especially if the design is never executed into built form.
I guess the point I really want to make is that most of what architects do is not actual creation, rather virtual creation.

13100301 Pantheon Arch of Constantine Eiffel Tower plan models    2069i06

14100301 Kennedy Plaza plan with plan image attached   2093i35

15100301   Jean Nouvel Eric Maria   Elysée-Mudac Museum   Lausanne

16100301 Philadelphia ICA Venue plans IQ15/19   6151i09
16100302 Philadelphia Market Street East Development plans IQ15/16/19/20   6151i10
16100303 Philadelphia Market Street East Development plans models IQ15/16/19/20   6151i11
16100304 Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation plans IQ19/23   6151i12
16100305 Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation plans models IQ19/23   6151i13
16100306 Philadelphia Francisville Housing plans IQ23   6151i14
16100307 Philadelphia Calder Museum Acropolis Q on the Parkway plans IQ19   6151i15
16100308 Philadelphia Duchamp Inn plans IQ19   6151i16
16100309 Philadelphia Girard Collage Dominican Fortress plans IQ23/27   6151i17
16100310 Philadelphia 5th & Girard neighborhood plans model IQ20/24   6151i18
16100311 Philadelphia Parkway Interpolation Fairmount Park etc. model IQ18/19/22/23   6151i19
16100312 Philadelphia Mesh Surface City Blocks GAUA plans IQ24/28   6151i20
16100313 Philadelphia GAUA plans model IQ24/28   6151i21
16100314 Philadelphia GAUA plans IQ24/28   6151i22
16100315 Philadelphia 30th Street Station Railyard plans IQ18/19/22/23/26/27   6151i23

18100301 Lustgarten Altes Box Museum IQ55/06 NNTC Ottopia model work plans orthagonal   2472i04

18100301   BIG   Produce Center   Miami

19100301 Contamination 002 plan   2483i02
19100302 House II wireframe work   2211i04
19100303 House VI plans elevations sections   2220i03

21100301   novel architecturale 1993 Sober House 1 Analogous Building plans   2286i14
21100302   Wacko House 002 plans working data   2285i13

Is the Pantheon always a spectacular experience?
2013.10.03 15:10

The Arch of Constantine inside the Pantheon inside the Eiffel Tower.




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