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2007.10.04 08:17
things to do and see in MUNICH??
(not architectural, but one of those only-place-where-you-can-do-it things)
The royal treasury within the Residenz, supposedly the most valuable collection of state jewels (crowns, holy relics, etc.) in Europe. It's not often that one is in the presence of so many real gems.
FYI: the rolling hills adjacent the OlympicPark are the "soot hill"--the accumulated debris of Munich's WWII bombings.

2007.10.03 15:43
Apocalyptic Urbanism
Just wait:
Due to global warming Greenland becomes prime real estate. As a result Denmark becomes one of the northern hemisphere's big oil-rich nations. Jet-setters winter in Dubai and summer in Greenland.

I've never set foot on Greenland, but I have been there (back in 1963). Our plane needed fuel, so we landed somewhere in Greenland. It was night, so you couldn't see much, but I distinctly remember a single light burning over the door of a small building next to the runway. I remained enchanted.
Almost 20 years ago over dinner at Copa 2 I told Tony Drexel Biddle to buy land in Greenland. He laughed it off. I'm laughing now.

2007.10.03 15:23
Looking for a Lebbeus Woods drawing ...
self link: the future is the same old Stephen Lauf.
"sorry for the self link" is what inspired, not the interview with Woods.
I don't doubt that Woods is a nice person, but architecturally I find the work old-fashioned, futuristic in a late-nineteenth century kind of way (like Dubai is futuristic in a mid-twentieth century kind of way). The angst-ridden designs remain frozen in artificiality due primarily to a virtually complete lack of human investment. Anyway, I think this stuff came first...

2007.10.03 09:09
Perhaps you should design some kind of institution where architects can go to become less bitchy about petty things and in turn more ideas oriented. I see franchise opportunities--a Pride-Aid on corners everywhere.

2007.10.03 09:02
Digital Asset Management?
Perhaps not a good business practice model, but a simple in-house web site (the catalog) with built-in search engine (retreival management) might be the most flexible.
With http://www.quondam.com/ at over 7000 pages, I now mostly rely on site specific google searches to find what's out there and where it is.

2007.10.03 08:52
Yes, globally linking oneself automatically makes one futuristic.

2007.10.03 08:50
Name my conceptual model!
cogito ergo snap/link

2007.10.03 08:16
I suggest you pursue all three topics in one--a marine architecture hi tech airport designed to make everyone feel like they're on stage. Throughout this great hybrid machine of notoriety are virtually infinite opportunities to globally link oneself.

2007.10.03 08:04
Looking for a Lebbeus Woods drawing ...
In the future, everyone will be a self link, with absolutely nothing to be sorry about. Self link architects will be all the rage, even.
And guilt will be the new mythology.
Thanks for the inspiration.

2007.10.02 22:00
Readymades in Architecture?
Ah, function decontextualized--readymade mosque.

2007.10.02 21:40
innovative program
Figure out a way to make the new arrivals famous for 15 minutes. Perhaps ongoing guest spots on a perpetual reality NYC/TV show with lots of sink or swim competitions and flash-in-the-pan stuff. Fleeting fame really is the new normality.

2007.10.02 20:12
Can Someone (Except Per Corell, Perhaps) Explain To Me...
And they thought no one would notice...

2007.10.02 17:04
Readymades in Architecture?
2 October 1968
death of Marcel Duchamp
"I'm sure there's still some room in the readymade museum."
Someone should tell Ouroussoff that the Colosseum isn't even delineated within the Ichnographia Campi Martii. At least we now know what readymade architectural journalism looks like.




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