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segue to digital museum
Philip Johnson's estate in Connecticut... ...the New Canaan Johnson estate... ideal setting and real museum of architecture (and art). ...segue to digital museum (Laguna, Wacko, etc.) as a virtual place/museum that is an experiment in architecture.

Not There: agenda for Quondam
Not There, an inovative chronicle of the motivation and cause of Quondam from behind the scenes. easy going non-sequitur, perhaps an oddball adventure in 3d.
Not There, a focus on things that can only be done virtually, outlandish juxtapositions and scale/rotation distortions. ...the history of architecture in the midst of a whole new arena, i.e., dealing with buildings the are not there.

Altes Museum - virtual redux
...a virtual re-design of the Altes Museum. ...actually just involves the Lustgarten. ...extending the base of the museum out as far as possible (like the plaza at Stirling's Düsseldorf museum) and placing a parking garage underneath, incorporating new design elements on the plaza and at its edges. ...introduce typologically shaped voids within the plaza as well.

new urban landscapes
...creating new urban landscapes with deformed models from Quondam's collection.

comparative museum types something with the museums in Quondam's collection. ...experimenting overlays and collaging, and setting up a "museum" environment as a virtual place. ...[perhaps] employ the Berlin (Lustgarten) environment.

more analogous buildings
...designing and recombining them to create new "buildings."

more daring @ Quondam
...far more manipulative of the model and 2D data in the collection. ...collaged-distorted designs demonstrating the true possibilities of "virtual" space and museums of architecture. definitions of museums are also being created in the process--a "virtual" museum can go beyond the "mission" of a real museum

merge building models
...merge building models into the site models of the various museums, and from there create/design virtual exhibits.
...furthest venturing into the virtual museum metaphor so far. ...a new range of display possibilities using the Philadelphia model as the site for virtual architectural exhibits. ...the Great Pryamids superimposition was just the beginning. ...morph any building or section of the city in the name of a virtual architectural exhibit. This seems unprecedented and has implications for virtual exhibits and museology.

Quondam question
a chronosomatic architectures museum?   4401

infinite collection of Quondam
...Quondam's collection is already infinite. "Playing" with the collection through the many capabilities of CAD...

virtual Philadelphia
...using the Philadelphia model as a base for new "construction" of unbuilt or demolished Philadelphia, for example, M/G's Market St. Gallery, Kahn's Planning Commission studies and his City Hall, the Furness buildings that are long gone, and the cast iron district torn down to make room for Independence Mall.

Quondam over-riding interest in things that are incomplete (i.e., unbuilt projects)... ...might somehow relate this theme of incompleteness directly to Quondam. ...displays as fragments or even non sequiturs. There is also the idea of mixing up the collection as per the idea for the period rooms at the PMA.
Does this mean starting a lot of projects and display them incomplete. Of course, I want to see all the projects complete, but there is also much data within models that just never gets recorded. ...the displays at Quondam as ongoing displays of the whole process of putting models together and putting the museum together. This modus operandi might just work.
...also Quondam as a place of architectural inspiration--a place of the muses. ...getting into the habit of always creating new drawings. The real goal with Quondam should be to create an incredible and extremely large collection of architectural drawings. There should be drawings of everything, and each item should be dated.

new work @ Quondam
...slowly build a "virtual place," a kind of Quondam Ichnographia that eventually reflects Quondam's essence and modus operandi.

new work @ Quondam
Display the Villa Savoye multicolored and with images (line work) on the walls.
Two Villa Savoyes collaged together - each could be a different color scheme and even a slightly different scale.
Replace the Ionic columns of the Altes Museum with the Parthenon columns (rescaled?). 2120d
Exaggeratingly stretch the Bye House in either direction.
Play with distorting the Dominican Convent.
Distort the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in the z direction.

Subtext reenactment - the idea of having an almost secret place "beneath" the Encyclopedia Ichnographica, where the Campo Marzio is being reenacted in 3d using the model collection. Essentially, constructing an "analogous city" a la Canaletto's Capriccio and Aldo Rossi.
Houses Under a Common Roof in place of the Porticus Septa Julia.
Morphing the Altes Museum into a long (linear) porticus.
Replacing the Sepul. Hadriani with a tripod from the Altes Museum roof (or even the layered structure from Stirling's Cologne Museum).
Abstract model of the Villa Savoye: remove the glass wall from the ground floor, make the entire first floor solid except the ramp hall, remove the floor of the kitchen terrace.
Virtual Altes Museum - a scheme for a new program for the Altes Museum involving keeping the building forever as is, and additions to the building should only be virtual.

What does it mean to be a virtual museum of architecture?
...address the full potential of a virtual museum of architecture. The main issue is that Quondam's collection is "virtually" an infinite collection, meaning the base model data can be used to generate ever more data, be it new line drawings such as elevations, axonometrics, and perspectives, any number of renderings, and even whole buildings derived from a manipulation of the existing data. It is particularly the possibility of creating whole new buildings to add to the collection that makes a virtual museum of architecture (in this regard at least) completely unprecedented. The closest example of this "manipulative" attitude toward architecture is (ironically) again Hadrian's Villa where the form of remembered places was morphed into another style and an entirely other location.
...the analogous building idea is also a prime candidate for "new" buildings.

new exhibit idea for Quondam
...good for Quondam to have some kind of special 1999 theme, i.e., the last year of the 20th century and the last year of the second millennium. ...present "metabolic" buildings--these buildings would be manipulating the data already available. exhibit of [1]999 plans (crazy plans). ...and 99 buildings in 3d.

infringement complex
...a significant leap regarding the composing of metabolic buildings by collaging existing models. ...used Capital Park West... ...the resultant collage is fine, it was actually the process of creation/design that is more significant.
...underlayed the Palais des Congrès site plan to create a context. ...needed more underlay so then copy enlarged and rotated the site plan, and in cleaning up that plan real design possibilities came to the fore... There is every potential of creating Ottopia in this manner. ...immediately wanted to create a 3D base model for the collage complex.
...changing the elevations--just apply any number of other building elevations, or any other designs, e.g., the patterns.   2308

infringement complex 2, etc.
...incorporate the same model but change the scale of each building (which may involve moving the buildings around as well). ...also altering the elevations using a number of techniques including ri patterning, applying perspectives from infringement complex 1, applying elevations from the group elevations. A third complex could have Campo Marzio plans as the elevations.   2308

an alter-ego for Quondam
...utilizes the same collection and themes as Quondam, but nonetheless affords Quondam a "place" to be much more liberal, uninhibited...

1999.04.17 07:44
test (poem?) by whomever
[architecture as interface comes with the architecture of schizophrenic interfacing...]
[buildings constantly move, doors can be windows, windows can be doors, stairs to Pilate are climbed annually on knees, walls may soon all talk, floors will mostly remain flat, ceilings with sprinklers are virtual skies that harbor emergency rain, roofs probably more than anything manifest architecture's shape, lights, camera, Africa, machines to create architecture with, furniture and painting as one, utilities that never fail (sic), plants, of course, grass gets high, sidewalk, siderun, sidecrawl, sidesit, sideroll-over, driveway complete with Jeep, garage sale as museum,..]

2000.02.10 17:39
and the unimportant winner is...
The last sentence of the text at /virtualmuseum.html reads:
"As envisioned by Asymptote and the Guggenheim, the Guggenheim Virtual Museum will emerge from the fusion of information space, art, commerce, and architecture to become the first important virtual building of the 21st century."
Forget the Guggenheim, I want to know what the first UNIMPORTANT virtual building of the 21st century is. Any nominations?
So far, the Guggenheim Virtual Museum is so virtual it's completely "not there," except for its importance, of course.

Untypical Plan - this could be the title of a digital collection of "crazy" plans in the same manner of the Houses for Otto, Infringement Complex, and the Schizophrenic Folds plans. It could include a “new dexterity” type of essay and even expand include Ichnographia Quondam and/or a redo of the Ichnographia Campus Martius.
In addition to Untypical Plan, there is the idea of NSEW as a book on untypical elevations.

UaA: atypical
In doing a little further research re: “Untypical Plan," i.e., beginning to read the Koolhaas “Typical Plan” text, came across the word atypical, which better describes the plans that have been generated. Atypical may work better as vol. 1 of Unthinking an Architecture, thus replacing Remove. Since the cad experience of the early 1980s and the art work was (and still is) atypical of architects, the “atypical” title provides the broadest definition.
The German translation of atypical means to “deviate from the rule or standard,” and this is exactly the scheme and motif to employ throughout Atypical.
The notion of Remove is the perfect seque into Lacunae.
Atypical provides the best direction in explaining new dexterity and the “aesthetic” of quick and easy arbitrariness in design (with CAD). The notion of wholesale [slapdash] architectural design is perhaps the most atypical method an architect can follow (yet I’ve been doing it for years).

UaA: general notes
With Atypical giving UaA a major developmental boost, what UaA comprises overall is a compilation of all the existing texts (i.e., notes, letters, essays), images (including v80s), databases, artworks. This means the major task is to organize all the existing data, and that UaA in general does not entail the writing of all new material.
Most of the new material will be images, and, moreover, the creation of the images will, for the most part, be an easy digital exercise.

Ichnographia Atypical
Ichnographia Atypical (actually pieces of IQ)--Campo Marzio plans in perspective collages.

Domestic - playing with all the domestic architecture at Quondam.
Quondam Muses or Musarum Muses - museum play using Quondam's museum collection.



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