Shock Me, I'm Bourgeois

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2008.10.05 11:20
Mixing Design Elements of Different Style Homes-Your Opinion
There's really nothing stopping you from mixing whatever you want. Unless, of course, you wear your education like a Playtex girdle.

I try to go into eclectic shock/therapy at least once a week. Recently


2008.10.03 09:46
Resisting Formalism
on this I agree: (formal, i mean, in the sense that an iconographic gestalt was intended to give unity to the project).

limboids: somewhere between monster and hybrid
Mirů, The Tilled Field (condition: theory), pp. flipped.

2008.10.02 19:27
Color in Architecture (a little help please?)

Your Colour Memory

2008.10.02 15:06
Reenactionary Architecturism
KUNSTTHEORIE. Imitation und Mimesis, Readymade, Reenactment
lecture [formerly at Universitšt Kiel link] 2008.10.27

imitation und mimesis

Readymade Reenactment

Readymade Reenactment
manipulated digital image file

do you remember?

Reenactment in Tampa, Florida




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