25 November

1765 birth of Charles Pierre Joseph Normand

1785 Carl Fredrik Fredenheim (1748–1803), a Swedish nobleman close to the King and masterof ceremonies at court, wrote to Francesco Piranesi (1758–1810), the son of the great artist, asking him for a list of all the works of art belonging to Baron Taube that had been recently despatched in cases from Rome to Sweden, since the Baron had recently died.
1795 death of Jonas Åkerström; Francesco Piranesi and Carlo Bassi were present at his deathbed

1842 death of Sir Francis Legatt Chantry

century by century organ list for the 3rd millennium
1992.11.25     3300k

inside-out Altes Museum
1997.11.25     2120 3142 3724b 3730b 3789

Inside the Density of G. B. Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius
1999.11.25     3811b

Remains of Whitemarsh Hall
2002.11.25     1920

Re: Barnett Newman
2002.11.25 10:08     3300k 3784g 5007

Re: Deconstruction? no, afterlife
2004.11.25 11:51     3300k 3770j 3790b 3794b 4715b

2007.11.25 15:46     3203 3334d

The current state of Architecture Theory
2009.11.25 08:22     3331y

I propose a ban
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Parametric smackdown: Patrik Schumacher and Reinhold Martin debate at CalArts conference
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25 November
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OMA   Factory Arts Centre   Manchester

011125a domestic elevations   2170i02
011125b domestic elevations   2170i03
011125c domestic plans   2166i03
011125d domestic plans   2166i04
011125e Circle Squared Museum studies   2080i03
011125f Ur-Ottopia House elevation perspectives   2303i01
01112507 Parthenon Columns at Wall House 2 perspective   2283i01
01112508 Form 002 model   231ai18   b
01112509 Maison Millennium 003 3D plan   2318i03   b
01112510 Villa Dall'Ava model   2276i01
01112511 Villa Dall'Ava model redux   2276i02
01112512 Maison Millennium 001 model   2304i01
01112513 Maison Millennium 002 model   2317i01
01112514 Maison Millennium 001 plan   2304i02
01112515 Maison Millennium 001 perspectives   2304i03
01112516 Maison Millennium 002 plan   2317i02
01112517 Maison Millennium 002 perspectives   2317i03
01112518 Parthenon columns at Villa Stein des Monzie perspective   231ai19
01112519 Ur-Ottopia House, model   2303i02   b
01112520 Ur-Ottopia House plan   2303i03
01112521 House Under a Common Roof model   2170i04
01112522 House Under a Common Roof plans, elevations   2170i17
01112523 House Under a Common Roof axonometric   2170i18
01112524 House Under a Common Roof axonometric   2170i19
01112525 House Under a Common Roof axonometrics   2170i20

2004.11.25 11:51
Re: Deconstruction? no, afterlife
Reenactionary Bilocating Architecturism
Saint Catherine de Ricci and Louis I. Kahn
Nudist Camp at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Marcel Duchamp and C. Paul Jennewein
Learning From Lacunae
Gordon Matta-Clark
De Spectaculis II
Quintus Septimus Florens Tertullianus and John the Baptist Piranesi
The Promenade Architecturale Formula
Le Corbusier
The Marriage of Twisted and Columns
Eutropia and Pieter Pauwel Rubens
Pilgrimage, Reenactment and Tourism
Flavia Julia Helena Augusta
Here a Versailles, There a Versailles, Everywhere a Versailles Sigh
Marie Antoinette, Ludwig II, and Lucretia "Eva" Bishop Roberts Cromwell Stotesbury Dougherty
and maybe
De Spectaculis III
Guy Debord

2009.11.25 11:29
I propose a ban
Render the proposed building with lots of people.
Photograph the executed building with no one present.
Funny that.

2013.11.25 11:44
25 November
Been reading "The Medium of Architecture" in Schumacher's The Autopoiesis of Architecture: A New Framework for Architecture (vol. 1). It's all very engaging, but, because of recent posting in the Parametrics Smackdown thread, I'm going to further pursue reading the book(s) with a parametric methodology in mind, i.e., read along but with the additional notion of how the text may change as I implant my own thoughts/ideas (evoked by the text itself) into the text.
This is a preliminary quote from p. 346: "The ability to combine detail resolution with openness to future transformations is the decisive hallmark to the parametric model."
I also liked reading about the "epiphany" moment as presented on 353: "It was during this cycle of working with the action-reaction schema that the author first grasped the power of scripting and associative parameters."

14112501 Ury/NNTC site work with Acadia contours   2404i15

15112501   OMA   Factory Arts Centre   Manchester

17112501 Parkway Interpolation site axonometric -55,0,0   2278i23

21112501   promenade architecturale Pantheon Altes Museum Danteum Palais des Congrès plans models   206gi56




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