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2007.11.30 07:35
practical Delanda
metamechanic, in my world, you're reenacting the above pyramid 100%, i.e., you're missing the point.
From: Stirling's Inheritance
To: Stirling's Legacy
Re: Stirling's Muses
Part I
From: Stirling's Inheritance
To: Stirling's Legacy
Re: Stirling's Muses
Part II
to see that reenactment and novelity within architectural design are not mutually exclusive. Nor does reenactment inhibit possibilities, rather, it engenders possibilities--much like a "second chance" where you can choose to do things differently. I wonder, is that what Repetition and Difference is really all about, subsequent chances?

2007.11.29 19:19
Does research kill architectural creativity?
I would never say that reenactment is duplication. Reenactment is a process that just happens to underlie a lot of creative operations.
In architecture, the notion of walls, floors, doors, windows, etc. are constantly reenacted, but not necessarily duplicated.

2007.11.29 19:03
practical Delanda
Those lamps are not even good reenactments. They're just plain fakes.
There's enactment and there's reenactment, (and there's just plain fakes).

2007.11.29 18:21
Does research kill architectural creativity?
1. to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.
2. to evolve from one's own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention.
1. to originate or create as a product of one's own ingenuity, experimentation, or contrivance
2. to produce or create with the imagination

2007.11.29 18:10
Does research kill architectural creativity?
...are architects creative?
Certainly not all of them!

2007.11.29 17:57
Does research kill architectural creativity?
If you really want to be creative, just do exactly what's unexpected. Sure, study all the cases. That's how you learn what is expected. I mean, how can you do the unexpected without knowing what is expected?

2007.11.29 13:22
practical Delanda
It's not that "reenactment doesn't exist as a concept in this vague philosophy," rather, that reenactment does indeed exist and is what should be avoided.
There is no absolute to acting first and reflecting second. What action is not already a reaction?

2007.11.29 11:30
practical Delanda
Reenactment is (in the discussion here) much more of a process than an end product. "Reflection" (like memory itself) is by its very nature a(n only often vague) reenactionary process.
on vagueness
"best explanations" of vague philosophy essentially lose their vagueness.
I really shouldn't even be here, rather, I should be reflecting on intelligence produced prior, hence producing more intelligence via new possible editions of Learning from Lauf (vague) S..
What's really a vague philosophy is the notion that one can do (design) in whatever way one wants with little or no explanation at all.
Hey, don't forget the ongoing element of hype.
What a waste of time this has been.

2007.11.28 16:22
practical Delanda

Chemical Light This light fixture aims to provide levitating liquid light through chemical means. Inspired by the natural production of light made by bioluminescent creatures like fireflies and a fascination with the magic of such chemical processes, the Chemical Light proposes a long lasting, environmentally sustainable light source; eliminating the need for unsightly wiring, electricity and the polluting byproducts that accompany conventional electricity production. Despite present day technological limitations we have created a series of new and unusual light fixtures that give the illusion of chemical light but are made of common lighting equipment that conform to current industry standards and production methods. Chemical Light features a selection of three different designs including The Argon (Ar)Chandelier, the Radon (Rn): Sconce and the Krypton (Kr): Wall of Light. Other exciting options are soon to follow.
"Perhaps reenactments then are always a play with degrees of separation, sometimes seeing how close one can get to the 'original' and/or sometimes seeing how far one can stretch the 'truth', to name the extreme cases."

2007.11.27 15:47

I am archinect/forum.

2007.11.27 15:41

Remember in 10000 there are four zeroes, hence the forthcoming Age of the One Great Zero Placeholder.

2007.11.27 14:22
No doubt banality shall live on.

2007.11.25 15:46

"I'm sorry, but I have to take this back to the bedroom."
[Did Orhan watch Interiors recently?]

2007.11.24 17:21
Urban Wildland interface
Think about why the bulldozer relentlessly pushes along. Land development is essentially a cash cow that generates a large value increase, a major economic force and big tax revenue generator. I wish it wasn't that way too, but it is. If there's any solution, it's probably to be found within focusing on what you're trying to stop rather than on what you're trying to save.

2007.11.24 16:42
The Peter Eisenman effect
Everything You Wanted To Know About Architecture, But Sorry You Ever Asked, the movie.




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