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catching up
Used image fill to develop the design for the House for Schinkel. A whole new way of designing and presenting graphics has come into being.

There seems to be real potential in presenting von Fischer's influence on Piranesi. Presenting the astuteness of von Fischer seems to also be a worthwhile pursuit.

racing thoughts
The building pages of novel, appositions, etc. should/could be a continual development of the building designs via selective modeling and (colorful) presentations thereof. Start some modeling of Green Enfilade House and the Zany Houses and further exploit the existing models of Wacko 001 and Laguna 001 (as if they were like some kind of found ruins). Placing these designs in some kind of (IQ) context should also be part of the presentation/story.

Exploiting Villa Savoye and Wall House 2 into new types of (21st century?) houses. Savoye was like split and a new house was developed between the two parts, and the parts were maybe rotated slightly. That idea came out of the notion of turning Wall House 2 into an Andalusian House with a striped wall and stripping the room/forms and further deformations. And then doubling Wall House 2 where the two walls enclose the clashing room/forms on two sides. It's to be colorful and late Hejduk.

continual ideas
The buildings within atypical should have their own atypical sites.

I saw today, for the first time(?), the connection between the Tower of Shadows and Hejduk's Diamond series. In seeing how Hejduk manipulated the Tower of Shadows, I began to see ways of further manipulating Hejduk's designs, like have a brise-soliel (Tower of Shadows or Museum of Knowledge) replace the wall of Wall House 2, and using the curves of House 10: Museum to make an extended House 15, and some kind of play with the forms of Palais des Congrès.

Compose an exhibit of 2015 using the projects/images collected from afaisa--a real curator of recent architectural history.

I like how I'm newly handling the cad drawings with image fill. It's starting to get very avantgarde. Have all kinds of backgrounds ready to pick from. Make some x-hatch backgrounds--easy and easily diverse/colorful. A collection of Piranesi backgrounds, Schinkel backgrounds, Leterouilly backgrounds, Lequeu backgrounds, some Durand, some Seroux? and Quondam's own cad drawings, and old Corel pattern fills.

Start designing sites for all the projects in the collection.

Begin to fill-in/design all the blocks of the Philadelphia/IQ plan. Use the Philadelphia City map data and then use orthagonal force.

Design a Piranesi exhibit? Do I design an ICM exhibit? The x-hatch idea will be excellent for the ICM plans.

what buildings need a site
All the buildings within novel to atypical should have a site plan somewhere within IQ, yet a lot of the buildings don't. I like all the sites within Pantheon Paradigm and within Ottopia and the Center City sites, but I also like Working Title Museum within the ICM. Do I place the Houses for Otto within the ICM? I also like the idea of placing all the Houses for Otto around Ury and Pennypack. Figure out a way to make the sites interesting and novel, and maybe that's where image fill comes into play. Don't forget about Cubist ICM as another option.

I thought I'd really like Campo Rovine as a great site for all kinds of buildings, but right now I just don't. I think it need a layer or two of more data. Maybe just start with some banding or plaid and then differentiate different zones. Do I also add a whole variety of terraines? This can go in all kinds of directions.




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