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Scale and Architecture
...another book on architecture: Scale and Architecture.
...add Krier's work pertaing to Speer to the Durand chapter. as the measure of all things, Canon of Polyclitus, and then perhaps go to the other extreme of largeness, i.e., things beyond man's measure.

Promenade Architecturale
The idea of a doumentation of the Promenade Architecturale...

paint-chip plan at usr/museum
There is a paint-chip plan in one of the quadrants of the incomplete third series that I want to input into the computer and also incorporate into the /usr/museum group.
Concerning the /usr/museum group, I want to finally establish a base model and a site plan in general. The base model will be its own database but it will be registered with all the house data. The site plan will also be part of the base model database.

Within architecture, however, there are many topics to document: Parkway Interpolation, the museum of architecture project, the architectural promenade, and just the documentation of each of the unbuilt buildings computer models.

combined building documentations
...always wanted to compare Le Corbusier's Maison l'Homme with Plecnik's Houses Under a Common Roof.
...could easily combine the Maison de l'Homme with the Villa Savoye or Wall House 2 or even Hurva Synagogue.
Concerning a Villa Savoye/Maison l'Homme comparison, imagined the lower story of the Villa Savoye two stories high; the idea being that the elevated box of the Villa Savoye would be like the independent roof of the Maison l'Homme.

large, fantastic architectural plan
...creating a large, fantastic architectural plan, perhaps like the Ichnographia Campus Martius. urban context, or one emormous building, or perhaps some strange campus of buildings. Projects like Hadrian's Villa and the Villas of Pliny come to mind... ...also find inspiration in other Piranesi projects like the Collagia.
(1996.06.27) ...Parkway Interpolation is already a fantastic plan...
...manipulate any and all of the existing plan data...

building model combinations
...a combination of Wall House 2 and the Gooding House.
...compose the domestic plans into some kind of made-up context.

Villa Savoye/Maison de l'Homme combination
...a set of perspectives where the Maison l'Homme is collaged with the Villa Savoye, and the results, while they portray an unusual architecture, nonetheless clearly illustrate the comparable scale of each building.

Seroux d'Agincourt--museum of architecture
After looking through Seroux d'Agincourt's book... ...scan the plans and the elevations therein, and then compose the data all at the same scale. some of Vidler's The Writing of the Walls... The notion of a "museum" of architecture in the form of a book is exactly what I have been doing with the computer and CAD models. The historical background provided by Vidler brings the issue of "museum" to the fore...

record of Le Corbusier's architecture, etc.   3132
...been giving some more thought to the notion of a virtual museum of architecture; the idea is extremely fertile and could, indeed does, permeate through everything that I am doing... could be the motif that ties my work together... ...the data as a museum of which I am both creator and curator. ...designing, organizing, manageing... ...the collection, the archives, exhibits and catalogues... ...a Virtual Museum of Architecture.

another museum of architecture reference
...some reading in Rossi's The Architecture of the City. the introduction to the 2nd Italian edition, Rossi makes reference to the Canaletto painting Capriccio.
"After I wrote this book and from the concepts I postulated in it, I outlined the hypothesis of the analogous city, in which I attempted to deal with theoretical questions concerning design in architecture. In particular I elaborated a compositional procedure that is based on certain fundamental artifacts in the urban reality around which other artifacts are constituted within the framework of an analogous system. To illustrate this concept I gave the example of Canaletto's fantasy view of Venice, a capriccio in which Palladio's project for the Ponti di Rialto, the Basilica of Vicenza, and the Palazzo Chiericate are set next to each other and described as if the painter were rendering an urban scene he had actually observed. These three Palladian monuments, none of which are actually in Venice (one is a project; the other two are in Vicenza), nevertheless constitute an analogous Venice formed of specific elements associated with the history of both architecture and the city. The geographic transposition of the monuments within the painting constitutes a city that we recognize, even though it is a place of purely architectural reference. This example enables me to demonstrate how a logical-formal operation could be translated into a design method and then into a hypothesis for a theory of architectural design in which the elements were preestablished and formally defined, but where the significance that sprung forth at the end of the operation was the authentic, unforeseen, and original meaning of the work."
...the Strasbourg, Düsseldorf, Hurva composite building immediately came to mind... analogous building. Furthermore, Rossi's point provides great fuel for future manipulation of the model [collection], and Canaletto's painting in particular provides inspiration and a grounding in terms of a "plan" for the "virtual museum" itself.
Overall, I see the analogous city concept working in tandem with the "virtual museum of architecture" idea, and I am at this point also interested in adding the collage city idea/methodology to the "museum" idea.

Virtual Museum of Architecture documents
A working list of Virtual Museum of Architecture documents are:
1. The Palais des Congrès
2. Piranesi's Campo Marzio
3. Stirling's Interpretations 5713 5714
4. (broadly) The Philadelphia School
5. The Promenade Architecturale
6. Houses Under a Common Roof
7. Seroux redux
8. Scale and Architecture
9. Poem to the World Record Holders of the World's Tallest Building -- an illustrated poem

Stirling interpretations
...a document centering on James Stirling's...

a book entitled Not There
Not There--the phenomenology of a virtual museum of architecture.

Quondam web site, etc. may well be that I start the website myself. ...the magazine--Not There--that Quondam will attempt to publish.
Not There will be a periodical directed at clarifying the multivalent potentials of a Virtual Museum of Architecture.

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Quondam's inaugural exhibition, seeking precedents... ...finding inspiration, appeared online March 20, 1997.

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