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2015.09.26 13:08
12 September
more additions
REX   Necklace Residence   Long Island   2013/2015

REX   Calvin Klein   Voyeur House   Singapore   2014

Inspired to design another house as a string of older period pieces, like maybe even the major rooms of Versailles arranged as a necklace.
Or at least try turning any of these virtual paintings into building floor plans, along the lines of further developing these--7701x.
All the same, the string-along appositional approach adds a new twist, kinda.

2015.09.27 13:09
12 September

Husker Du Haus   2006.02.24                                                             Husker Du Haus, too   2006.02.24

2015.09.27 19:05
12 September
...and let's not forget the necklace of typologies at the Wissenshaftzentrum.

Stirling and Wilford   Wissenshaftzentrum   Berlin   1979

2015.09.29 20:51
Herzog & de Meuron's concept for new Vancouver Art Gallery released
Damn! I was so sure it was gonna look like this:

[virtual] Museum Museum 2013.08.29



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