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Stephen Lauf, Cooper & Pratt House (1982).

Stephen Lauf, Mayor's House (1984).

Quondam, Ur-Ottopia House (1999).

Quondam, Infringement Complex (1999).

2002.04.03 09:37
[art] being/appositional [to architecture]
I'm not only thinking of how painting and/or sculpture and/or electronic display screens, etc. are added layers to architecture, which in turn manifest a 'new' entity, but I'm also thinking/wondering about the 'art of architecture' also being appositional to architecture itself.

2002.04.04 10:49
Re: [art] being/appositional [architecture]
Beyond that, the questions I raised here yesterday involve the notion that architecture (over the ages) has largely been apposed with other art forms or with other engineering forms. I thought it would be interesting to openly discuss what those 'other' yet directly near applications are or are not, and how the appositions change or don't change the 'original' layer. For that matter, identifying what the original layer is may also evoke interesting positives and negatives.



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