6 June

1471 Maese Juan Agusti began directing the construction of the Cathedral of Gerona

1507 John Aylmer and William Vertue, freemasons, agreed to construct the vaulting of the choir of S. George's chapel, Windsor, England

1636 death of Augustin Guillain

1813 death of Alexandre Théodore Brongniart

1999 OMA Designs Casa da Musica in Porto

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Ottositions 2
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city plan diagrams
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how about thom mayne?
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Architecture and Existentialism
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architectural history made yesterday
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OMA   Garage Museum of Contemporary Art   Moscow

Vasut Vilímkova Palencar Cucka Kus   BUR   Berlin

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.06.06).

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from mnemonics to Mnemosyne
"As a result, I have recently become more sympathetic to the "cop-out" position, which would mean abandoning the flawed ground zero design process altogether in favor of reconstructing the twin towers more or less as they were. Certainly, I'm prepared to defend reconstruction as a cultural act. It would be an offering to Mnemosyne, mother of the muses, from whom all culture flows."
--Herbert Muschamp, "Back to Square One at Ground Zero" in The New York Times, 6 June 2004.
"To be honest, I wish all the tragedies of 911 just never happened. I wish the WTC Towers were still there, and I likewise wish they could be replaced just the way they were. But all of it did happen, and we will most likely never again see WTC Towers like the ones we used to see."
--Stephen Lauf, "WTC Viewing Platform or Husker Du redo", 10 January 2002.
'Husker du?' is Danish for 'do you remember?'
from mnemonic to Mnemosyne:
"Perhaps anyone dealing with the future of the World Trade Center site show read Frances A. Yates' The Art of Memory.
Just over a year ago I read (at least) the first chapter of The Art of Memory, "Three Latin Sources for the Classical Art of Memory," which clearly describes the principles of the mnemonic. For example:
"It is not difficult to get hold of the general principles of the mnemonic. The first step was to imprint on the memory a series of loci or places. ..."
--Stephen Lauf, "Re: These Muschampian NYTimes", 25 December 2002.

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Ottositions 2
1986.10.09 entry in Drawing Towards Building
1991.10.16 "Palais des Congrčs ŕ Strasbourg"
1997.03.20 seeking precedents... ...finding inspiration
1997.03.24 "Geometry" (online version)
1997.04.21 Oppositions bibliography
1997.07.13 "Further Deepening 'The Natural Imagination'"
1997.08.18 "Legacy of the Maison Dom-ino"
1997.10.26 "...re: Stirling's Muses" Part 1
1997.12.13 "Promenade Architecturale: A Documentation"
1998.02.13 "...re: Stirling's Muses" Part 2
1998.04.06 "Patterning"
1998.05.05 "Department of Architectural Scale"
1998.07.04 Encyclopedia Ichnographica
1998.07.30 Benjamin Franklin Parkway Interpolation
1998.09.10 The Seroux d'Agincourt Histoire Collection
1998.09.28 "dies sanguinis"
1998.10.03 "the arbors of Arbor Street"
1998.11.04 seeking precedents... ...finding inspiration (2nd version)
1998.12.10 "The First Virtual House of the 20th Century"
1999.01.14 Triumphal Way
1999.01.27 "Eros et Thanatos Ichnographia Campi Marti"
1999.05.17 "mistake"
1999.07.20 "(chronosomatically) Contemplating the Navel"
1999.11.25 "Inside the Density of G.B. Piranesi's Ichnographia Campi Martii"
2000.08.10 "Lauf/Koolhaas on Unbuilding"
2000.11.03 the architect's wife style
2001.05.03 Quaestion Abstrusa 001
2001.07.17 "virtual museum commentary"
2001.07.18 "Bustum Hadriani"
2001.07.31 "Koolhaas reenacting Kahn/Tyng?"
2001.08.01 "Guggenheim reenacts the Vatican"
2002.08.31 being/found (NT buried in snow)

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how about thom mayne?
Morphosis Exhibit, 2001.   3143

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how about thom mayne?
Quondam is my site. It's the first virtual museum of architecture, online since 21 November 1996. Earlier this year thingsmagazine.net described Quondam as "Stephen Lauf's epically impenetrable 'online collage', a real labyrinth of a website," and that suits me just fine.
Yes, Quondam is dense, and even I don't know where everything is, so I utilize site-specific google searches to find things.
The numbering system has no meaningful significance beyond its sequentiality; file names, that's all.

The specific image you ask about also has no intended significance in terms of how Thom Mayne may see things, but, as you've now demonstrated, it is capable of inspiring a significance. And that's more or less the point...

15060601   OMA   Garage Museum of Contemporary Art   Moscow

16060601 Villa dall'Ava plans elevations sections wireframes   2276i05   b

16060601   Vasut Vilímkova Palencar Cucka Kus   BUR   Berlin

18060601 ICM plan in register with IQPhiladelphia original layer set   2110i138
18060602 Maison Millennium 003 plan model @ GAUAs22   2318i13   b

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architectural history made yesterday
I think the Mayor of Washington DC made some architectural history yesterday – see www.quondam.com

2020.06.06 13:39
architectural history made yesterday
I’d add memorials to markers and monuments—there are distinctions between the three types, and many overlaps as well.

Regarding Black Lives Matter Plaza:
instituted by a woman of color in a position of power – history being made by that alone
very spontaneous marker soon to be memorial and very likely ultimately monument – this plaza is will now last as long as the USA lasts (at least I hope so)
architecture as delivery of content – extremely powerful message/space delivered via the simplest/quickest of means – design at its best

There’s more on memorials/monuments/markers in various places throughout w.quondam.c – I’ll do a search and send you some links later.
Thanks for responding. This plaza is now a real inspiration for me, and hopefully for architecture too.

20060601   Museum of Architecture plus half plans   2245i22




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