2004.12.26 12:20
Re: cityscape collage
It started more than eight years ago when it was realized that Hadrian's Tomb and Logan Circle share the same circular footprint. Then, about two years ago, it was realized that ancient Rome's axis of life, as delineated by Piranesi, and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway share the same length and design articulation, with again Hadrian's Tomb and Logan Circle being the key register.
Now delineation of the 'bilocalopolis' begins. The Tiber and the Schuylkill flow through the cityscape. Augustine's tomb and City Hall have their similarities. Rome's Corso is now the same as Broad Street, the longest cardo in the world. X marks the spot of the first Gothic camp outside the walls of Rome and the no-man's land of Vine Street Expressway interchanges.
I'm especially looking forward to seeing Girard College (the large five-sided rectangle to the north) become Girard Collage.

2004.12.16 13:01
Ichnographia Romaphilia
Ichnographia Romaphilia
John the Baptist Piranesi, Julian Abele, and James Stirling
presented throughout
Leaving Obscurity behind
The 2005 Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention
28 December 2004 - 17 January 2006

2004.12.16 13:56
Re: Ichnographia Romaphilia
While working with Piranesi the discussion is often enlightening.
"So why exactly did you produce two versions of the Ichnographia Campi Martii and keep everyone none the wiser?"
"Overall, I just wanted to see who would find the two versions first. They were found, eventually (after more than two hundred years, but it's embarrassing for all the Piranesi "scholars" because it wasn't one of them."
"Why do you think the so-called scholars failed? Why did they not see what was always right in front of them?
"Simply put, they never reenacted the source."
"Kahn reenacted the source, and he didn't see the two versions."
"Well, I'd say Kahn was busy manifesting new versions of his own."
"Perhaps it's just plain destiny that Philadelphia itself reenacts the source."
"You know, I love you guys like brothers."
"That's fine as long as you realize that we're all independent as well."
"Ha, tell that to Romulus and Remus."

2004.12.19 18:23
Re: moved
Things are getting busy here in preparation for the commencement of Leaving Obscurity Behind, the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention, 28 December 2004. All the guests are getting their accommodations set via Ichnographia Romaphilia--one of the highlights of the convention is that all the guests are in a constant state of bilocation between Philadelphia and Rome, with the register being the match of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the axis of life of the Ichnographia Campi Martii--oddly, Fairmount and the Vatican Hill are the 'same place.' Luckily, Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI are thrilled to be staying at Eastern State Penitentiary. Otto's going to explain all this in his opening speech delivered from the roof of the Free Library of Philadelphia.
Newest unexpected development: Albert Barnes is going to give a talk, 2 January 2005 (Barnes' birthday) about how his collection should now be hung within the forthcoming new facility on the Parkway. To say the least, the fan club is very anxious to hear what Barnes will say.

Begin 3d rendition of Romaphilia.
Compose/compile a virtual sculpture (cad surface) exhibit for the Calder park within Romaphilia.

Test Wacko House II as the new Barnes Foundation; see how the design fits (if at all); new/more drawings/dbs for Romaphilia.
The notion of reenacting the acropolis on the various building sites along the Benj. Franklin Parkway may be the new paradigm for "Parkway Interpolation"; the notions of towers and temples raised on a high plinth may be fecund, (at least virtually).
Test the House in Laguna as the new Calder Museum; see Calder sculptures raised on the grand staircase. Place all the Campo Marzio porticus within Romaphilia and juxtapose with immediate Philadelphia context.
A series of City hall towers marching up the Parkway.
Superimpose the Gerusalemme model and the Cathedral wireframe.
Model Love Park; superimpose the Aedicule Intercourse.

2005.04.07 10:35
"The Pope's Funeral and Ichnographia Romaphilia"
Leaving Obscurity Behind
"The Pope's Funeral and Ichnographia Romaphilia"
John the Baptist [Piranesi], Julian Abele and James Stirling
8 April 2005
coinciding with the culmination of the first great Triumphal Way Reenactment of the 21st Century
"It's great how where the dead Pope celebrated Mass in Philadelphia marks exactly the spot where the bilocations intersect."

further/new Quondam ideas
Keep on generating model play, and don't worry if it doesn't even mean anything now. Begin to combine the model plays to generate a new virtual environment. ...going to abandon Romaphilia/Ottopia as the general Quondam site. Make it all up now and maybe the Northeast becomes the base of it all.
Start utilizing the Romaphilia model as a place where all the cad collection is given a place somewhere within the base model. Design all the buildings along the Philadelphia Tiber. ...working mostly with plans right now; try to include everything. ...collect all the plans and display them in groups, in strange, heretofore unseen combinations.




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