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novel architecturale
In fixing 5022 today I strated to see a better way to approach novel architecturale. Yes, it can still be a "story"about my own design work, but it will be told in a way that manifests all the various fiction/novel notes/letters. I would really like it to turn stream of consciousness, and maybe even some labyrinth-ness to its (web page) structure. I'm now getting all kinds of ideas as to how a/this new/different approach to creating pages could eventually change the whole nature of Quondam itself, but, as usual, all I'm doing is getting way a head of myself. The point here is that there are a lot of individual notes/texts that can be utilized to drive the story along, and soon enough it will be the interplay between the texts (and the ideas they express) and the various designs that comprise the story in total.
I'm wondering what it would be like to just start making pages in sequence (8000, 8000b, etc.) using just the data collected so far in no particular order, and then while doing that create new pages (in continuing sequence) that sprung from ideas that the just prior page(s) brought to mind. And more, as the process/pages progress, some further ordering to the "story" can be obtained via selective linking. This method could turn out to be very fruitful in terms of getting a lot of pages quickly and continually done and in terms of continually generating creativity on my part with the cad graphics, conpositions and narrative. If this method actually works out, then it is very likely that appositions, atypical and atemporality should also be so "constructed".

mental brainstorming, etc.
A few nights ago I did a lot of mental brainstorming after looking through vol. 1 of OMA el Croquis. It's when I came up with the notion to place the topic index at 3700.htm, and then work backwards and forwards from there in terms of creating (and being creative with) new pages. The forward pages will record (each day's) work-in-progress, meaning keeping track and documenting the work being done. The backwards pages will redo "in the Zeitgeist everything will be the future" but include the concomitant cad work and web finds collection and note taking. Perhaps either and/or both directions can be labyrinthian (whatever that means). Actually, I'd like it all to be about the current state of architecture and where design is headed over the next 50 years or so.
I also thought through how to "do" the ICM page within 'the Philadelphia School deterritorialized'--start in 1762, but quickly jump to its presence at the University of Pennsylvania and at Kahn's office (was Holmes Perkins the origin?); go through the Bloomer book reference, then the discovery of its two states (and how the photostat of Penn does not match the first state); and finally the match of the ICM axis of life the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. It's all about deterritorialization.
Seeing all the various projects within OMA el Croquis inspired a wanting to rather quickly fill out the IQ and Philadelphia models with all kinds of imaginative interpretations of the OMA buildings (and all their design alternatives). And there was also the idea of using the key buildings data (plans and elevations) to generate new buildings and their footprints. It seems only natural that I should begin basic modeling of the GAUA data.

where am I at?
I'm still indexing the topics at Quondam, and it is going ok, but I should now start to also bring the indexed items together into dossiers. Use /37 in full giving each topic a single page. It could all be a laboratory where to work out each topic.

...have a place where I can quickly see what work was last done and what data I need to continue with new work.

a list of projects:
mesh surface cleanup
IQ model work
mesh surfaces into building masses
key buildings data collection/organizing
Hadrian's Villa redo
Adjusting Foundations scans pagination and web page record
libray 2 opaque
cad/image redrawing
web finds organizing
eikon organizing

ongoing work and a little learning
I'm getting the feeling that many of the dossiers will further develop into full fledged manifestos (for lack of another term).

oma/koolhaas dossiers, etc.
...record all the web finds (project data) and file all that into the dossier.
...search the web to find any free cad data pertaining to OMA.
Get the Villa dall'Ava model work done and work on the key buildings 2d data.
...create a model of the Deux Jessieu library project.




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