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various ideas
"Wallpaper" the exterior surface of the Villa Savoye model (with ICM plans?) and then create a lot of perspectives.

Start utilizing the model of Center City Philadelphia/Pantheon Paradigm to start Novel Architecturale. I also like the notion of collecting all the "characters/plans" as fragments of a large puzzle/plan. The notion of introducing the actual site plans of all the various buildings within Pantheon Paradigm, thus introducing an ongoing bilocationality. Remember, bilocation and labyrinth are now part of novel architecturale.

Add "otherness" to the drawings of the various "book" projects.

novel started
...start[ing] with Bramante. Explore the Tempietto drawings (Letaurilly) and see how they might inspire new "perspectives in the round." The next section is on Stirling's Roma Interrotta museum of architecture, i.e., the museum for Nordrhein Westfalen surrounding the Tempietto. This museum of architecture becomes the main driving vehicle for much of the storyline for many of the subsequent pages. There is the Roma Interrotta scetor IV play with scale story (which relates to Virtuvius/Bramante play/adjustment for perception), the museum design's relation to Schinkel's Altes Museum design (a permanent museum exhibit), the museum current special exhibit--Guggenhein reeacting the Vatican, and all the curatorial activity and planning going on in the museum. The segue from M4NRWF to Dresdner Bank is the curving path through the museum, beginning with a history of the curve within Stirling's architecture itself.

Nolli, Stirling, Serlio
Spent a lot of time today working out the scale play of Stirling's Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen within Roma Interrotta sector IV. It turns out that the design/plan is not just enlarged almost twice the original size, but the meandering path is stretched between the block of the museum and the pavilion. This plays exactly ino Bramante's/Vitruvius' play with human perception to produce the most desired effect.

I found very nice scans of the Nolli map sectors at the German archaeological website. I could do my own version of Roma Interrotta.

It will be interesting to start using the museum model at twice its actual size--it seems like there's a lot of data that can then be displayed within the museum.

Combine architectural otherness (9340) with atypical/content of a museum (4783) to then begin atypical (8700). But I just remembered that architectural otherness was going to be a new Lequeu. Atypical itself can be a new Lequeu.

there is so much to do
Surrounding 5233 with the PMA instead of having 5233 move down to the Art Museum, and this implies using the Cut & Paste Museum. Just going to go with this and play up all the virtual possibilities. It's interesting how the Cubist ICM at the site so easily conjures up so many further ideas.




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