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time to start the creative (web page) work
Start atypical, appositions, atemporal, domestic, novel architecturale and the Philadelphia School deterritorialized in the new free way that pages are now being done.

The fiction/novel dossier is also done, so it's time to start that too. I'd like to start with Banister Fletcher's History of Architecture on the Comparative Method pages that impressed me the most early on. Get the bilocation and labyrinth dossier done because they are going to be combined with the novel/fiction dossier--that's how the novel is going to work.

I wonder if the atemporal dossier gets combined with the continuum dossier; they probably should be combined. Similarly, it may well be that the atypical dossier is combined with the architectural otherness dossier.

Related to Kedleston Hall I started to think of the Vitruvius Britannicus garden plan scans, and I wonder if they will somehow become part of the novel--I have to start attaching those scans to some model CAD files and see what imagery is able to be generated.

redo of re:Hejduk
...the need to start re:Hejdul afresh, a la 1530 wide and continual web pages just going with the flow. Start with House 10: Museum and how it relates to Le Corbusier's Palais des Congès. Followed by the A+U where there is a lot to dissect and deconstruct, like the Carpenter Center essay.The Bye House modules also relate to Corbu's Palais des Congrès, which lead to the Maison Dom-ino legacy.
I knew the Five Architects book before I had the Hejduk A+U. I wonder if I knew the Bye House before I owned the A+U; I can't think of where else I would have known of Hejduk's work, except Oppositions 5. I bought the Hejduk A+U at Wittenborn Books Spring bresk 1977 and I think I bought Oppositions 5 right before New Years 1977
The Bye House is featured in Tafuri's "5x5" in Oppositions 5. So I guess that's more or less how it all began re:Hejduk.

hard to get [appositions] started
I found some early schematics of Kahn's Dominican Motherhouse (collage and model) online and they may well be the beginning of appositions. I think I'll start with a story about the Dominican Motherhouse plan. I suppose it really is where "appositions" started for me. I suppose I now have a few models (and plans) to now work on--like my ICA design and the Winton Guest House. I just realized that the ICA "house" model is already done and I've yet to place it into its "actual" site--the reast of the first design should thus be easy to finish. And now I realized that that part of Center City does not have any modeling.
I now wonder what ASouq neighborhood looks like on the [ICA] site as well as what does the Dominican Motherhouse look like on the site as well as the Winton Guest house.
I'm beginning to think that appositions now begins as a story about the ICA thesis project, like making it a whole new thesis project.

appositions, ICA thesis
I did a very schematic redesign of the ICA and I should be making a massing model. I probably shouldn't take all this stuff so seriously and just do most of the work on a whim.
Does appositions really begin with the ICA design? I should collect as much of the school data that I can.

This is all strangely making me think about a (massive) scanning-of-the-flat-files project.

scanning (and purge) of the flat files
In order to get a better handle on what actual drawings I have, I need to go through the flat files and scan as much as possible.

...look through the collection of architecture (museum) data photocopies to see what should be scaned.




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